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New: Introducing the Galactic Zodiac

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee: Leonardo Betetto

I present to you the Galactic Zodiac.

Unlike the Terrestrial, or Planetary Systems in general, it has 8 spirals, a central lobe, and a guardian of the outer circumference, which would be DUDAH (Pluto).

The names of the Planets are the names of the Ten Rulers, which are:

Neptune: DALULAK
Pluto: DUDAH

The Ascendant represents the first corner of the Great Pyramid, and is in Egypt because it is the solar center of the Earth. Each corner of the pyramid represents the four known zodiacal points, these are: Ascendant, Sky Bottom, Descendant, Midheaven, only in this case they are each fixed at ninety degrees from the other.

Unlike the local planetary zodiac, it runs clockwise.

Each sector describes the life cycle of a being or object. We have the KUGALUK Sector (Ares or Mars), it is the Ascendant, and represents what I am made up of and made of. Then Jupiter is the "I need", and next: I come from and I do, I learn, I relate or we are, I serve, or I work, I go towards, and lastly: I teach, which is the eighth sector.

The solar system is at this moment in the middle of Jupiter, which is the sector in the worst state in the Galaxy. This is because Ares being the ruler of the Ascendant, and being in a bad position, the Ascendant zone has become an extremely dangerous and chaotic place.

In our Galaxy, of the 10 rulers there are 3 left, and there is working a Venus, which is the only one in the Cosmic Order, that is to say, "Good", and it is ELUGAK, badly known in our zodiac as a woman, and as the ruler of sex and war. Master ELUGAK has nothing to do with sex or war. He is a good, balanced, intelligent, generous, and well-intentioned being. The three rulers, Jupiter is evil and violent due to its relation to the Sagittarius ascendant. It is a saturnized Jupiter, but a bad Saturn, and also a bad Ares or Mars. Then there is the Moon, which is actually a planet, and is called ASHURALUL. It is diabolically evil, and is in Scorpio 12th House in the Solar System zodiac, which makes it dangerous, occult, and an enemy of humanity.

Finally there are the reptilians, who are a disfigured and corrupted Ares, for being in conjunction with the Sun in Leo, it has degraded from jealousy and hatred towards it by changing its form, and becoming cannibalistic, and inventing the solar religions to mock it, just as the Moon also mocks it.

This is the situation at the Galactic level, and on the Earth this is reflected, and even in the human body itself.

The Venerable ELUGAK (true Venus) is working intensely giving information, before the time comes in the future to make the step into the light.

When considering the planets, they are the same for both zodiacs, only at other levels of the universe they rotate slower. One is the speed in the Solar System, another is in the Galaxy, and another is in the Universe.

Finally, another great and fundamental difference is that the galactic zodiac can give us information according to the spirals, which are 8. That is, there is one for each planet, except the Sun and Pluto (ADUL and DUDAH).

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