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Letter to Dear Christians: The Identity of the Beast

Source: Grand Master ELUGAH
Spokesperson: Master ALUGADTH

Greetings ...

My name is Leonardo and I am in this incarnated world to give relevant and fundamental information about the past, the present and the future.

We have been sold a false history, a false present and a false future. I know that for you my function is out of place, but that is part of the indoctrination that is imposed on you through not only Christianity, but all religions. The Bible, movies, and history, are totally misleading and confusing aberrant narratives that lead people to blindly accept their death in this evil world.

I studied the bible for fifteen years, I was a Christian teacher, messianic, and I have my own version of the Pentateuch or Torah, until I realized the truth of the situation with the help of my Master, the Regent Elugah.

The world is taken over by two occult rulers, on one side the Christ, who is a solar god, and behind him are the assassins of the real galactic solar ruler, who was called AED. The solar cult is a mockery of him, and a way to manage people's minds. Christmas is an infallible indicator of what I am telling you. The cult is not requested by the Superior Masters of the universe, that is something sick, it does not correspond.

On the other hand there is the Jewish ruler dictator David, hidden, it is not true that Israel will be restored in the future in Israel with a Messiah, that is not so. Between the dragon ruling Christianity, and Europe, and the hidden human David they have divided the world, they have agreed on a truce, and they have planned a black agenda, which is also recorded in the confusing and black treatise of the Bible.

The galactic rulers know everything that will happen, and plan their agendas through astrology. A true astrology, because they have defamed and deformed it on earth, and have demonized it so that people are subject to the nefarious writings that they impose on us. I detail the future plans of these beings:

- The New World Order is a lie, it is only a facade to divert attention. If it were true, no one would know about it, don't worry.

- The bugs that come out of Abaddon or Apollyon are just as described in the Apocalypse, they are scorpions mixed with human, and have hair like a woman's, as a mockery of a feminoid being that had them designed out of resentment to human beings. These insectoids devour humans, and they will be loose in the Eurasian continent for the period of time I gave them. They are so hideous that many will die of cardiac arrest at the mere sight of them. They will be released from Abaddon in 9542.

- The elites plan to leave the Eurasian continent with all the unwanted people of this world, who are the original humans of earth. Those who were not begotten by Jehovah or an incarnation of other evil beings. These people, are not insectoid, but are specific lineages, such as the Nordic and Germanic. That is why Hitler, an incarnation of the Beast, used the 666 as a mark and symbol, and he was on the side of the Nordic Germanic.

- The 666 is the union between a six which is the number of swastika sticks, six are the strokes that form the Nazi cross, and six are the strokes that form the SS. That is to say, this number identifies the Beast, the great occult insectoid, whose façade is the solar cult, both the ancient Mithraism, as well as the following Christianity. Hence the murderous character of the Catholic Church, in a facade of supposed love for humans, in the background there is a great hatred.

- The entrance to the Abaddon is in Jerusalem, that is why there are so many tunnels in that city. But obviously they do not show us the whole Abaddon, which occupies thousands of kilometers of tunnels where these aberrant insectoids dwell. Their spirits go through matter, and they are the demons that populate the earth or the so-called lower astral. There are serious infections of demons in the unwanted lineages.

- The chosen lineages will dwell separated from Europe and Asia, which is already planned, and separated from the rest by bodies of water. In Europe only England, central headquarters of the Beast, will be the isolated place of the great holocaust to come.

Towards the middle of the tenth millennium a great war will begin between the kings of the east, or yellow people, against those remaining in Russia and Europe. They will fight over food, and then they will have this insectoid invasion on top of them. The East Asian farming areas will be destroyed so that they will not have enough food.

Why so much evil?

The great Insectoid, the Beast, hates humans, and Jehovah has made a temporary pact with them until the world is reorganized. These insectoids had already invaded those areas eleven thousand years ago, and Jehovah imprisoned them in the Abaddon he built more than 50 thousand years ago using the first humans created by DARULAK or NEPTUNE as slaves.

Nuclear weapons were never designed to be used on earth. The cold war was a lying mask to justify their manufacture. In reality, they are to be launched for when the Universal Regent, or if you will Archangel DARULAK, who is already in our galaxy fighting against the insectoids, comes to liberate the earth. The Battle of Michael against the Dragon is a misrepresentation of history. Michael is a being in the service of Jehovah, and DARULAK is a being even with a higher rank than Jehovah. For Jehovah is Saturn or JALUL, a corrupted galactic ruler. Jehovah created life on earth subject to death and predation, and has had along with the insectoids an indoctrination towards humans that we are always to blame for our situation, and that is not so. We are victims of them, not we of us.

The Dragon is actually hidden in this world, as I was saying. The Dragon, the Beast and the insectoids (a biological weapon) are not human, they hate us, and their plans are to devour those of us who are not of their lineages, or those of Jehovah. Jehovah partly feeds them with humans, that is part of the dark covenant. That is why millions of people disappear without justification or trace every year.

That is why Christianity and Islam were given to the people they do not want. It is not in vain that Latin America, Africa and Asia are subdued by Jews and Anglo-Saxon and French, who are to take possession of all America, Oceania, South Africa, which is already taken, and the Indonesian Islands. Singapore was founded for this purpose. The rest will be barriers against the isolated people, and the abode of a great holocaust such as there has never been before on Earth.

What do the Masters of Light recommend in this regard?

1. Do not incarnate again on Earth, that is hidden from the Christians so that through ignorance they fall again and again on Earth to become their servants.

2. Spread this information as much as possible.

3. Do not leave descendants, because they will be part of that holocaust, especially if they are not lineages chosen by DNA. Abraham's choice is a myth.

4. DARULAK will arrive on earth on April of 10479, exactly after 937 years after the insectoids were released. He will eliminate them, their enemies, and will also destroy the etheric demons.

Elugah is the current Galactic Regent, because as I told you, AED, the Solar Regent was killed by these same insectoids, and they mock him through religion.

Then we will have a period of peace of four thousand years, where they will dwell with the humans emissaries of DARULAK, and of our great Galactic Regent ELUGAH, and in the middle of 15165 the moon will be dropped on the earth. That is what the apocalypse calls the end of the millennium, when it rains fire from heaven. In other words, this book twists things in favor of the enemy of mankind.

The Moon and the Earth were formed by the impact of a planet called LINUDAGH, and the author of the impact was Jehovah-Saturn, therefore it is a karmic commitment to throw the Moon on the Earth to transmute it by fire. Jehovah of course does not help people morally or physically for this event. Instead that work will be done by the Masters of Light.

From there on, in a few million years there will be cosmic life, immortal and perfect humans, and plant life for consumption, as it was always meant to be.

Thank you for reading; best wishes from me, and from the Venerable Masters Elugah and Darulak.

© Leonardo Betetto

PO BOX 5500