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The five prejudices of people when speaking a Galactic Master

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Spokesperson: Master ALUGADTH

People generally do not know how to interpret a being of this type.

1. One-way communication, i.e., the character in question speaks, but does not dialogue with people. People are not used to leaders and prominent people dialoguing with them, because these characters talk, but do not dialogue. There are many reasons for this, just to cite one, it is because they seek to avoid embarrassment in terms of compromising questions that may be asked, especially in religion.

2. The information must be approved by the mass media, which are already manipulated by an elite that publishes what suits them. All information in this world comes from the elites: press, science, religion, politics, entertainment.

3. Never speak in the first person, people look down on that, you have to cite sources, most of the time you do not even inquire about them, it is only a decoy, but that is the sad reality.

4. You can never be sure, people take it badly, you have to assume, suspect, presume, opine, but knowing the truth is considered insane and irrational people. The same system inculcates people from birth to think that truth is something relative and unattainable. Even believers in Anunnaki and ancestral aliens are also wrong in this regard, because if such advanced and powerful beings exist, it is irrational that they leave us with writings thousands of years old, and even mythologized. Therefore, logic says that these beings speak now in real and present time, not through dubious documents and legends.

5. People take it badly that the aforementioned is presented as an emissary from another world, because certain social paradigms from birth inculcate in them that these beings have supernatural powers, when in reality the most powerful thing they bring is information. People are acculturated to the idea that truth does not exist, or is not attainable, and they are accustomed to seeing beings with magical powers in movies and in religion.

© Leonardo Betetto

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