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Ukraine and the Galaxy: As above so below

As above so below:

On Earth, dictator David is attacking East Ukraine, which is in the Aquarius Sector, and David, as a good son of his father Jehovah goes against the neighbor. So is Saturn Jehovah, harmful and ill-intentioned.

If we go to the Milky Way, we see an insectoid infection from the limit of the Fixed Cardinal Sector of Saturn, which compromises the sector of Aquarius. The situation, needless to say, is millions of times more serious at the galactic level.

To such an extent, that forces from the universal realm have come from 5 billion light years away with resources to put an end to the insectoid infection.

If you want to know what these insectoids are like, read Revelation 9. The Bible is a walking lie, but in the description of the insectoids that are in the ABADON, it has taken care to describe them almost as they are. It says they bite man, in reality they devour men. Both physically and etherically.

Saturn knows that he has little time left on Earth, and like all ill-intentioned people he is going to leave Earth spitting out people's food before he leaves.

© Leonardo Betetto

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