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Organ trafficking with desperate migrants

Vision from Master ELUGAK
From: Planet SEISTH (64,000 light years)
To: Earth, Mendoza, Argentina: Leonardo Betetto

Vision of the area of Sagittarius where human organs are trafficked.

I sleep in the early morning, and suddenly a vision of the Venerable ELUGAK comes upon me.

I see my childhood home in the Pastal, inside, people are admitted, and people in white are acting on them.

Suddenly I see a man dressed as a doctor, somewhat bald with white hair and short stature, and he tells me: he died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Then, I burst out in anger, and I take the coffins and throw them towards the door of the house.

I go outside, and I see a lot of movement of people. I look towards the rest of the farms, and I see everything as if from an airplane, at a high altitude. A rope hangs overhead, and I angrily break it so that it falls.

Interpretation: The Sagittarius area is the one I show on the map, there is a large number of people leaving for Egypt fleeing war and misery. People for health reasons are interned in Southern Europe, and under the pretext of a disease are killed and organs are removed to trade with the whole world, very wealthy people who pay a lot of money for organs, in a clandestine way.

Sagittarius zone on Earth where the plight of desperate migrants is abused

Master ELUGAK's vision zone

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