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What do people hear today?

Source: Master ELUGAK
Prophet, Contactee and Witness: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Jacob

People are programmed or indoctrinated to accept certain things only.

What do people believe, and why do they wander in salads of ideas and beliefs?

People are programmed from birth for what they will believe or take for truth. Very few individuals have the capacity to admire other things, and to understand and accept them.

For something to be taken as true, or postulated as true, or with the benefit of the doubt, it has to have these characteristics:

1. Communication must be unidirectional: it is frowned upon for a person to proclaim truths by chatting with people. Politicians, spiritual leaders, great scientists, and people of fame and money only say things to people, but do not dialogue with them.

2. What someone says in the networks must be from THIRD PARTIES, quoting oneself or saying what one knows or thinks is also frowned upon. This is the result of a training of low self-esteem towards man, and of considering him a spiritually and intellectually incapable and poor being.

3. Statements should never be safe, especially if they come from a particular person. It is necessary to use phrases such as: it seems to me, so-and-so said, I believe, I feel, I estimate, it is said, it is presumed, etc.

4. The truths must all be forged on Earth, something from another world cannot come to speak, that is considered mythical, or lost in the past.

5. The statements of supposed truths must have many followers, the more the better.

6. Quotations must have the abal of the same system or matrix, academically, religiously, statistically, etc. Something new is not valued, for people think by quantities, not by truths told.

7. The uncertainty and mystery factor: they are related to point three, that is, when there is no conviction, things become mythical, riddles, uncertainty. The more uncertainty the better, because it begins to move through the brains quickly to try to wonder about a great enigma and great myths of the past, present and future. Hence the success of the UFO or UFO theme, and it is a subject already studied by the dark psychology of the elites; they are not idiots. If you say something from a thousand years ago and from unknown authors, it is believed and even defended, but if you say something objective, real and current, it is generally rejected.

8. Do not contradict historical and world icons: for example, no false prophet goes against the Bible. They incorporate it, and then reject it little by little, in a subtle way, and with double messages. Rejecting and speaking ill of such an icon is generally frowned upon, and provokes an immediate rebound in the masses. There are leaders who do not speak directly, or do not speak ill of the bible. It does not suit them for the purpose of gathering followers and faithful. They do not directly mess with it, and it all ends there. There are some, as Christian leaders, who care little or nothing about the Bible, but will never talk about it.

9. Divide and Rule! This principle also applies to knowledge. Knowledge is all fragmented, and it is justified that something is for example scientifically impossible, but for theology it is accepted, that is, by dismembering knowledge I admit that there are things that otherwise no one would accept. The objective of this way of thinking is that people do not integrate knowledge, and see the great truths. In other words, pure dark psychology.

10. Finally, and it is infallible: it is to say things that others want to hear; things that do not break their paradigms. For example, a Christian can be told about Jewish messianism, because the paradigm is not broken, but if it is broken, he will reject without thinking everything that does not have to do with his bases. That is why the spiritual leaders of many followers are those who mainly offer temporary solutions to people's lives, they offer repackaged things, moved from place to place, changed facade.

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