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Think or believe?

Author: Leonardo Betetto

The entities that give us the information are the same ones that do nothing for the food and health of billions of people. Every day thousands of children die of hunger, and the elites, wealthy people who have as much money as the economy of a country, continue to make money, and they are celebrities.

Then, those same people give us through their institutions like NASA, SpaceX, the Pentagon and the European scientific elite, especially the English, information about science and the universe, and people believe it religiously.

In other words, they don't care about our lives, but they take care to give us the best information possible.

These people have no interest in us knowing the truth, so they don't give us the truth. Nonsense such as the evolution of species, the Big Bang, and travel at the speed of light are fantasies sown by them. In fact, the scientific and technological reality on the planets of light is far more wonderful than those things they tell us as lies to believe for all generations.

It is evident that they do not instruct us with their information, but manipulate us with their information, which is not the same thing.

I hope we all reason every day, if only to realize that they do not give us useful information, not even real information.

Of course, when I say information they give us, I am referring to the great answers about life and existence, it is obvious that in medicine they tell truths, otherwise there could not be doctors healing. We must know how to contextualize this delicate matter.

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