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Inanna's presence as an insult to Master ELUGAH

Author: Master ALUGAD

The goddess Inanna or Ishtar was a Sumerian idol, goddess of love, sex and war.

This goddess is coming soon, but she is not that mythological being, logically she does not exist as such. Actually, she is a draconian coming from Orion, from 1,200 light years away, but they don't say that, naturally.

In my revelation from the Master he gave me that information of his origin. As is to be expected, a dirty draconian will never tell his real origin in Orion, but will claim to come from the "infinite celestial spheres". Something mythological, lying and absurd, nothing good can be expected from assassins.

The true Master Venus, is a male-looking and asexual being. He is not a god at all, especially not a god of sex and war.

Master ELUGAH rules the third angular sector of the Milky Way. It has two sectors, because it is angular. The first would be the equivalent of Taurus for the local horoscope, and is the "I Build". This is exactly what the Master does and represents: to build with precision and beauty works of architecture and art.

He also rules the next semi-sector, which is the Descendant, as in the local horoscope is the Sign of Libra. That is, it also rules partnerships ("We Are") between people to accomplish things. The awareness that we need to establish links with others to reach our destination.

The Master of war is Ares or Mars, cosmic name: AGLUN. AGLUN was killed by the Dragon before taking over the sector, and the corresponding galactic arm. In Orion there is a headquarters of the damned murderer Dragon, that is why Inanna comes mocking Master ELUGAH, and she comes just at this time, that we Masters are giving information to the mankind.

Of course, this false goddess and abominable being does not come with anything good for the people, let alone information, it is all hypocrisy; but eventually they will realize what it is.

© Leonardo Betetto

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