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Reptilian Corrupt Life in Andromeda and its Satellites

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee and Witness: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Amy
Date: September 6, 2022

I sleep at night, and suddenly a vision of Master ELUGAK arrives:

Scene #1

I am in the Soberanía Nacional neighborhood of Mendoza City. I see in the courtyard of the house a zinc container that I used as a child in the Pastal farm, and from it people are peeking out. I get to the middle of the dining room, and the companion tells me: Start praying. I tell him to do it himself, and he says ... Our Father ... Apparently he prays the biblical Lord's Prayer.

Scene #2

I am in the Barrio Espejo of Las Heras, on O'Higgins Street, and I see black snakes coming, as if made of metal. I have a sword, and I use it against these snakes, but a force stops me, I cannot act. I feel the snakes through my body.

Scene #3

I am at the Pastal farm, the farm of my childhood. We climb up to the roof of the adobe piece, and suddenly it collapses, and I fall to the side, unharmed. My ex-father-in-law (Saturno) observes and asks what is happening. I see revealed something hidden from Saturno in that hut. There is a medium-sized grill. Below, where there are embers, there are meat pies, and from the side an insectoid creature approaches, smelling the food.


It is obvious that there is a great evil anarchy in our galactic sector. And it makes sense from the idea that as above so below. Earth is no better than those panoramas.

#1: The equivalent distance from the Pastal to the Sovereignty Quarter gives at the intergalactic level corresponds to Galaxy M32; a Local Group galaxy. People are asleep and enslaved by a confected system in the Sagittarius Sector of Our Milky Way, and it is a diabolical and aberrant prison. Praying signifies the terror inherent in such a dreadful and terrible place, which is also strewn with religion and frightening dogmas.

Andromeda galaxy

#2: Abominable reptilians populate the Andromeda galaxy, 2.5 million light years away. There is basically this species dominating the galaxy. I can't move, it means that there is no solution at the moment for that very serious problem.

#3: In the Sagittarius Sector, the very equivalent of Earth where people disappear for nefarious purposes, is the adobe room, inside which Saturn processes humans to feed insects and reptiles. It has to do with his blood debt commitments. He is obliged to feed these abominable beings to free the souls of his children and his people in return.

Master ELUGAK stresses to me that he is in no way Administrator or Guardian of such a thing, and he leaves me all these teachings. So let it be clear: ELUGAK is Master of the light, but he does not exercise regency anywhere in the Galaxy and surroundings. The other fallen planets and in disaster have to be transmuted with the passage of time. The Earth we already have the date in the prophetic calendar.


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