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The exchange of blood that Saturn plans to make

Vision from Master ELUGAK
August 27, 2022
From: Planet SEISTH (64000 light years)
To: Earth, Mendoza, Argentina

Background: revelations of Venerable Master ELUGAK to Leonardo about the serious situation of the Galactic Sector of Uranus with the insectoids.

Question from Leonardo on August 26 to the Master on how the situation of Uranus is going, after approximately six months of reconquest war by the military sent from the Ares Sector of the local galactic grouping.

Explanation of the scenario

Master ELUGAK uses my childhood place to give me symbolic visions, as it is given that the farm has nine plots of 2 hectares each, and they were 10 brothers, the same as the Milky Way: Ten Masters in a Galaxy of 10 sectors of which to be Guardians. They are eight conventional sectors, plus the central solar lobe, and the outer ring, which is the Master DUDAH, or known on Earth as Pluto. Anyway, in our galaxy there are only three active regents, and at war among them: MOON, SATURN and MARS (REPTIL).

Then, when the Master shows me, for example, the last vision, the whole scenario takes place in the plot of tiastro Barnabas, which is Capricorn or Saturn. The zodiacal configuration is according to the galactic and universal format, because as you know, the Earth horoscope is different, although it uses the same number of planets, in the interstellar horoscope there is no Moon, but ERESHKILAL, and the sectors are grouped differently.

The farm is 692 pixels long, which is the 126 thousand light years that the Milky Way measures. It is longer than science admits, although they clarify that it may be longer than the official 100 thousand light years.

If we take the proportionality of the Nuñez Farm, where the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy is represented, we see that the distance is from 60 thousand light years, which is the distance from the Saturn Sector to the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. It is green as an orchard, that is, it is full of good quality life.

We must clarify that Saturn in this galaxy is actually from the Sagittarius Sector, for it has Saturn dominant in its creation, so it is not at all the Saturn or JUPITER it is supposed to be, i.e., the conventional Master and Spiritualist.


Scene #1

I am in Uncle Barnabas' house, moving about the courtyard. A stranger is working on mechanics in his vehicle. He doesn't answer what I ask him, so I fly one foot with skateboard and the other not, flush with the ground, and to the side of the street. I walk only a few meters from the field and meet two women coming from the field, and suddenly reptiles appear. A long snake, similar to a python, but light gray. It enters underground and comes out in holes, intermittently, while living with the common people.

Scene #2

I am with my stepfather at the Nuñez farm. There are many people enjoying themselves in a central plaza, and the walls of the farm are slopes full of beautiful green grass. High, about 10 meters high, obviously with a slope.

My stepfather pats me on the shoulder, which bothers me a little, I feel some rejection, and says:

"This whole patch of grass is going to be taken out."

I look at the people enjoying the place, and they are women, old schoolmates, I hardly know them anymore, but I know it's them, I can feel it.


Uncle Bernabe's house is Saturn's house. That is to say, the sector is invaded by reptiles. They are people like us, and the situation is similar to that on earth. These reptilians live either explicitly, underhandedly or hidden.

The Núñez farm is about 300 meters from Arnedo street, Bernabe's house, and represents the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, which is 60 thousand light years from the Saturn sector.

It is a site maintained with good life, and Cosmic Order. The play space in a green place, and indicates that the cosmic order is fulfilled, of overflowing plant life, plus human life, and no animals. All in order and beauty.

Saturn likes to pay his blood debts with blood that is not his. That is, since there is a great war going on in Aquarius, where they are killing the insectoids that he had Saturn himself sent by Moon for blood exchange, then Moon is reproaching Saturn that the blood debt he owes him will remain unpaid as a result of the release of Uranus. Therefore, so that his planets in his sector will not be invaded, the accursed Saturn has sought a virgin sector of evil to cast insectoids there, and thus pay his blood debt.

Needless to say how aberrant and twisted such an act is. But this is Saturn, and it is an abominable gesture that he has been doing for millions of years. In fact, on Earth he already has it all planned. There are millions of insectoids locked in caves under Israel; the so-called "Abaddon". Then, THE LUNAR RULER, makes them feed with human flesh every day. That is why millions of people disappear from this world without a trace.

Those insectoids are going to be released to Eastern Europe and Asia in the future, to attack people ordered by Moon.

The same has been agreed with the Aquarius Sector. As the Warrior sent by THE REGENCY OF THE GALAXY SECTOR, and his billions of robot soldiers are recovering the affected sector of Uranus, Moon has reproached Saturn that the debt is going to be paid in half, or less, so Saturn has gone in search of new places to offer as blood sacrifices.

The Moon is a foreigner to our galaxy, and is an expert geneticist, specialist in biological weapons, and with the reptiles has agreed peace in some places, but with Saturn is all wrong.

For revenge, and for the recovery of planets, the Moon, who is originally from the INTE GALACTIC SECTOR OF SAGITTARIUS, arrived millions of years ago to the Milky Way with his knowledge of genetics, and created aberrant insects. Truly abominable beings and difficult to deal with.

I want to express my gratitude to the Venerable Master ELUGAK, who requested help from the universal powers, and billions of military agents arrived to evacuate the affected planets of Uranus. Saturn's attitude shows that the course of the war is in favor of the liberation of Uranus from insects.

Garcia's farm area, with the sector of Uranus where the Master showed me the vision of the insects.

PS: The exchange is no longer feared in Sagittarius Dwarf, as the antidote to stop the insectoid invasions on the planets has been obtained.

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