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Venerable ELUGAK's Revelation about the Second Red Zone

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee: Leonardo Betetto


Vision of the Southern European Red Zone.

Mendoza, October 9, 2022


I sleep at night, and suddenly I receive vision of the Venerable ELUGAK.

Scene #1

I am in my grandmother's room in the Espejo Neighborhood of Las Heras, Mendoza, and I see a row of caskets turning to the left. A friend of the sign of Sagittarius is doing things there, and I see him, he is over two meters tall.

Scene #2

I'm at the Pastal ranch, Las Heras, Mendoza, and I see a woman of color taking a light examination of me, but I don't quite understand what she wants to tell me, I don't care too much either. My brother Peter knows what it is about, and helps me point out the Sub Saharan part on a map of Africa. He uses oblique and red lines.

I decide to have nothing to do with that subject, and go with my brother Peter to the back of the ranch, and notice that we are in a giant meat packing plant, where there is a deserted hollow, and an industrial fan about forty meters high, just like in the big meat packing plants where they process animals.


Scene #1

In the Sagittarius or Jupiter zone of the Andromeda Galaxy, a former cosmic human individual removes bodies of deceased people and circulates them in a human flesh trade, for it is a reptilian zone and reptilian government, but the Jupiter Sector is the most committed to perversity.

Scene #2

My brother Peter represents the J1 reptilian lineage, with origin and predominance in the Caucasus. We are not all modern humans, there are people from Africa who are older sisters of humanity. In the case of J1 and J2, they are two sister lineages, but J1 is the one that has more intelligence than the first one, but suffers from serious problems of sadism and aggressiveness.

It is known as the male haplogroup "J1", and is the one that paired with the women created by the Moon, in Southern Europe, Italy and the Balkan Peninsula.

The colored woman is a human body trader, and the Sub-Saharan Africa area is a body snatching area, ranging from Cameroon to Southern Ethiopia, and including the Congo. In fact, the Belgian King Leopold himself killed 17 million people of color in the area, so this is not necessarily a revelation. As for the mistreatment of the area, but the cannibalism and trafficking of the dead is chilling, and they keep it well hidden on this planet.

In the vision, my rejection of the test has to do with the fact that the other human lineages did not want to get into that aberrant business.

The subject of human lineages is the subject of a separate study, this is what the Venerable Master wants to bring to light.

The back area of the ranch, in the Pisces Sector, is the place where human bodies are slaughtered and processed, and the hollow is the Sarikum Dune in Dagestan, Southern Russia. In that place is the gateway to the giant insect tunnels.

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