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There is an indoctrination in science

Report #1
Source: Grand Master ELUGAH
Prophet: Master ALUGADTH


The scientific and educational institutions do not teach us, or instruct us, but indoctrinate us, as they do in everything.

The rulers of this world, the Draconian, and Jehovah, have established an earth science that does not respond to the truth. It responds to an indoctrination since we are born, just like religion.

There are two issues that are blatant failures to truth.

1. The subject of the times of the universe.

2. The speed of light, and some unfeasible variants.

We have been indoctrinated since childhood that one must achieve speeds in reference to the speed of light to travel through the cosmos. This is a blatant lie. The speed of light was never intended in this universe to travel through it. That is a decoy put by some to divert the focus. The pyramids are for universe travel. They have kept that topic to themselves, obviously.

As for the issue of time, we have been sold a recent history as the tip of human evolution, a hundred times longer than it is.

What they call prehistory, there were no modern humans using stones for tens and hundreds of thousands of years. That is why they go by mitochondrial DNA to the remote past, because males were subject to genocide and manipulation, and the lineages are much, much shorter than the female lineage.

In other words, recent history is shorter, and on the other hand pre-history and the history of the universe is much longer. They give us 13.7 billion years as an approximate value for the time relative to an important event in the universe. They invented this hyper inflationary period hoax to fill the obvious gap.

These "rulers" know that lies have short legs, so it is only a matter of time before their whole organ of lies collapses.

© Leonardo Betetto

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