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The 4 Visions and the Red Zone of Southern Europe

Vision from Master ELUGAK
From: Planet SEISTH (64,000 light years)
To: Earth, Mendoza, Argentina: Leonardo Betetto


My son goes out of the door of Uncle Andres's saguán, and there are snakes on the sides. As soon as he comes out, a snake wraps around him. He suffers for a moment, but I hit the snake in the head with a knife, so it lets him go. Then my son happily goes on his way.


I am in the Saturn sector of the Pastal farm, and I look at the border to Sagittarius, and there is a wire fence with electricity, and the place looks deep, like looking at it from an airplane.

I panic just to get close, and I see a Capricorn native being suspended by a rope, in that sector, but without falling.


I am on the roof of the house in the Sagittarius Sector, and I look to the West. I see a deep place, as seen from an airplane. It's scary to look at.

A woman in martial arts attire, but in black, approaches, and stands on her toes at the edge of the house, facing the area, and raises both arms up, as if to dive down. I feel dread, and step down from the house, heading towards the street, North.


I'm in a hospital ward, and there's my ex-ex, and a friend native to the sign of Capricorn (Saturn), one in each bed in the room. Suddenly I'm a man being born from the second one, with effort. Then, I hold my newborn baby, and both women walk placidly out the door.

I see children in the school, a room of 3 or 4 year olds. There are crocodiles everywhere. The children eat from the mouths of the aforementioned reptiles. Suddenly, one of them swallows my son.

Then, the crocodile's stomach moves, and a square structure is formed. Its belly opens, and a man of Greco-Roman appearance emerges, while the entrails and ribs of the crocodile are cooked in a closed room.


Red Zone but in the symbolic Visions


My son toured Europe, and passed from Slovakia to the south. The exit of the saguán is his entrance to the Sagittarius sector, and the snakes are reptilians incarnated as humans, but cannibals. A snake engulfs him and intends to kill him, but with a slash he releases him, and continues on his course.


I look into the Sagittarius area of Europe, and it is a deep abyss that is scary, only certain specific Saturnians enter knowing what is there. Foreign people, from far away, are cannibalized by reptilians incarnated as humans.


Similar to the previous one, but from the East side. The black kimono woman is a violent female lineage from the Western side, the extreme Calabria and Sicily, origin of the mafia. But even the Mafia itself recoils from the threat posed by the red zone of Sagittarius. That's why the woman balances on the edge of the roof, but without falling.


A damned reptilian tried to kidnap my son, but Venerable Master ELUGAK defended him, and prevented him from being cannibalized. The roasted reptile is that his intention backfired on him. My son visited: Greece, Croatia, Puglia and Naples. He came out perfect, and unharmed.

Additional comments on the subject

The HOSTEL film saga touches on the subject, but of course, as they do in all productions with this tendency, it is about reality, but with changed details, both of places, and of the events themselves.

The synopsis of the saga consists of a group of criminals who pay a lot of money to buy victims to torment and cannibalize in very secret places. The leader of the corrupt and criminal gang is a man thirsty for death and money, in the film saga. In reality that man is Aurelio De Laurentis, Italian soccer manager. He controls the trafficking and cannibalism network in Italy, and the Western Balkan Peninsula.

As I have explained in my web, the hidden elites show in the cinema the reality, and that has a very specific psychological and sociological purpose. It works for when the prophets tell truths we are accused of plagiarizing movies, of being obsessed with them, and other things, which would be supposedly as many side and collateral effects.

In another vision, the Master teaches me that the Moon, the Ruler Ereshkilal, sowed a feminine lineage in the South of Europe, in the zone of which I speak to you. The gene of evil and cannibalism is inherited by the mother, because the Moon put a lineage to that effect. Something diabolical, no doubt. That is the reason why in the South of Europe there are almost no light-eyed blondes, because that gene was inherited by the mother, a woman who was able to procreate with men from Europe just in the old Black Sea area. That is why Ukraine has so many light-eyed blondes, and towards the West, non-Germanic Caucasians predominate.

Truly, in this world nothing is often what it seems. Much better times will come.

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