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The truth about the GREAT PYRAMID is hidden from us

SOURCE: Venerable Master ELUGAH

The destruction of the great Pyramid, and the concealments:

The largest pyramids have a universal size; that is: sixty ratios of Fibonaci to the size of the Carbon atom, or 7.5 E-11 x B = 158 meters. And the base is a Fibonaci ratio greater than the height: 256 meters. These measurements are not random, they are of much cosmic significance.

The pyramids are for interstellar communications and transportation. On Earth they hide this information from us. In fact, they are aligned to Orion, and Jehovah has baptized Orion with an insult: "KESYL", which shows together with the absence of the pyramids in use, that Jehovah simply hates Egypt for exopolitical issues.

Lately people have appeared associating the pyramid with objects that have nothing to do with them. They do not want us to know the truth, because of the implications. Jehovah is simply one of the many cosmic beings that makes himself worshipped, just like the usurper Dragon, and he does not want this kind of knowledge for man, because if he knew what is out there, his lie of an omnipotent god would collapse. Therefore, he directly denies the pyramids.

If you watch the movies, none of them show the pyramids playing the role they really have. And in most cases they don't even show them, directly. For example, the THOR saga, which is made in favor of the Dragon, shows a world of advanced, celestial beings, and the pyramids are conspicuous by their absence. When we arrive on a planet of advanced cosmic beings, the first thing we notice are the great pyramids. There are usually up to 6 like the one in Egypt, in the form of a 3x2 arrangement.

© Leonardo Betetto

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