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Christianity and the Bible are unhealthy to people

Source: Master ELUGAK
Prophet, Contactee and Witness: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Jacob

Ideas and beliefs imposed by Christianity, such as hell and eternal punishment, are notions that threaten the mental health of civilization.

It is falsely claimed that Christianity is the ultimate treatise on truth and morality in the world.

Let us see why Christianity and the Bible should be banned in the interest of the mental health of the world:

1. Christianity is a religion that is designed to destroy Judaism, and high rates of Judeophobia are registered mostly in Christians, mainly because of the notion that they killed their Lord. This generates resentment and even violence.

2. Christ, in his rhetoric of God's love, actually gives terrible commandments, such as removing an eye or an arm before looking at a married woman. On top of that for things that are not sins, pus are very natural in the world, and biology in general.

Jehovah is the number one murderer in the Bible, killing anyone who does anything that is not according to his sick "divine whim". He is also extremely misanthropic, instilling all the time the notion of man as a miserable being who never does the divine will, and only has things by the grace he as a god gives them.

4. It favors the formation of sects with sick leaders, with media complexes. Prophets, pastors, religious-political leaders, leaders with a ridiculous and even insane level of puritanism, bordering on extreme asceticism.

5. The virginal conception contributes to something similar to the Stockholm Syndrome. People fall in love with the rapist or delinquent. People love a god who left a man's wife on tape, and on top of that gives the poor man a commission to raise the resulting offspring. It is hard to imagine such aberrant adultery.

6. Watching scenes of Christ's suffering creates very strong and powerful emotional sensations, as happened, for example, with the film The Passion of the Christ, among others. This generates an unhealthy emotional dependence towards the character, and therefore towards all Christianity.

7. The Papacy exposes as an emblem a dead man hanging from a wood, which is a message of death, of filth, and of murder. Obviously the double message they proclaim makes people experience strong and mixed emotions. People feel guilty of this death for humanity (supposedly). And they feel this way because Christianity itself blames it, not because it really is.

8. All these religious lies end up producing and manufacturing more atheists and agnostics than any other religion, because people who feel bad in that religion go to the other extreme, and end up denying all forms of gods.

9. Christianity blames the evil of man for the suffering of Christ, and on top of that there are sects that do not clarify much about forgiveness, but emphasize the worship of Christ as a god who died on a tree to intensify the energy of committed worship, on which these religious and theocratic movements feed. That creates an uncertainty of salvation that we see in many believers, which disturbs their spirits and conscience. They spend their lives trying to please Christ without knowing exactly what to do, and it all ends in great anxiety.

10. Apostle Paul inculcates misogynistic notions, such as not allowing a widow to marry, not allowing a woman to be an instructor in the church, or that it is better not to have sex than to marry. All ridiculous and unnatural attitudes, very harmful to society, of course. When on the other hand it is quite sexually corrupt, like allowing inbreeding.

11. The apostle Paul himself says that he regards EVERYTHING AS WASTE for Christ's sake, which encourages the spread of irrational fanaticism, because of an idyllic and unhealthy love for the very person of Christ, seeing all existence as vain and worldly. In his being, the person feels separated from the world, which causes segregation towards himself, and that is harmful to people.

12. The Bible encourages practices rejected by society, such as killing people who worship a god other than Jehovah, killing adulterers, killing fortune-tellers and soothsayers, killing homosexuals.

13. The Bible instigates animal suffering and the shedding of animal blood through its doctrine of sacrifices, and the consumption of kosher meat, clear proof that the biblical gods do not care about suffering and life. On the contrary, it is clear that they enjoy it.

14. The Bible generates an obsessive puritanism with the laws of menstrual purity, the consumption of kosher meat, and everything related to sexual matters.

15. According to the preachers, the Bible must always make us feel GUILTY, because according to them we do not understand the scriptures. This causes a lot of mental damage to people. People are always accused in the Bible, man is always made to look like a mediocre and sinful being.

16. According to many Bible preachers, we are more Christian to the extent that we feel better with groups of other Christians. This happens a lot in the most fundamentalist sects, and it is harmful to healthy community and social relationships.

17. The biblical preachers are very selective with the material of the Bible that they are going to promote, and they leave aside the phrases and commandments and criminal teachings, like those that I mentioned, which does not stop being communitarian fraud, because it is not possible to show of something only one face to recruit, and then to turn out to have other unpleasant and harmful things for the society.

18. The Bible imposes that one must believe by FAITH, there is no room for naturally rational human questioning, and blames the human for not believing without seeing, which is sickening, for man has a right to believe by seeing, and by experiencing, and by proving. This also causes much atheism and agnosticism.

19. Christianity is the promoter of a great deal of irrational puritanism, for it does not make clear which commandments are not to be done, for the New Testament is not a legal treatise like the Jewish law. This causes each one to judge good or bad according to partial groups. For example, masturbation: there is no clear commandment in the New Testament, but I have seen people martyred for not being able to avoid these practices that are very natural in the living being.

20. The Bible always blames man and the devil for the evils of the world. This is unfair and biased, for it is the creators who are to blame for the way things are, not the created being. Besides, the devil is a mythical being, he does not exist, and generates a lot of obsession, at the same time that the biblical gods redeem themselves, and are supposed to be perfect and loving beings, when they are nothing more than evil and deceitful.

21. Christianity promotes unnatural practices, such as celibacy, and finally priests end up exploiting on the other hand, and become pedophiles. One cannot deny something that is already part of man, which is his sexuality. There is no reason to make a priest celibate.

And so, we can go on in the long list of things that make human beings sick, imposed and sold to society AS THE MAXIMUM TREATMENT OF MORALITY AND SPIRITUALITY.

Obviously, the power that this religion already has is very great; but that does not improve things, it IMPROVES THINGS.

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