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Draconian high corruption behind Neapolitan soccer leader

Draconian high corruption in Italian soccer

Source: Master ELUGAK, Planet SEISTH
Contactee and Witness: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Amy

Vision of the draconian leaders: of the ANDROMEDA Galaxy, and of Italy's soccer

Date: September 20, 2022

I sleep in the early morning, and suddenly a vision of the Venerable ELUGAK comes upon me.

Scene #1

I am in the Pastal farm (Las Heras, Mendoza), in the second room, or half of it, facing west. I see the land with grass and without tilling.

A crowd of fanatic people. I see a woman in a red jacket, of Germanic appearance, that is, blonde with blue eyes. She's excited about the game, and cheering the match.

Then, it's all over, and there in the middle of the parched field is my mother, and my cousin comes. MY mother is on a new motorcycle. My cousin starts to tease my mother about what she has. I explode with anger, and I scold my cousin harshly, for making such a fuss, that his aunt has a new motorcycle.

Then, my cousin takes the motorcycle, and gets on it and rides it around the whole farm- He speeds it up and damages it, and uses up all the fuel, and wrecks it by riding so violently.

Then, I'm with my stepfather, in the same sector of the farm, on the side of the corrals, the south side, and he tells me that somehow we'll fix the motorcycle to use it for whatever we can.

Scene #2

I am in the finca area, the first sector. I see my uncle giving soccer lessons. I help him, and show some of my uncle's material to some club attendees. My uncle has authority, and tells me to return the soccer material to him by Sunday at the latest.

Then I go through a gorge armed with stones, rocks glued with cement, high up, about a hundred meters from the ground of the farm; to the south. At one point, before leaving the area, I see that the path becomes narrow, very difficult to pass, about 40 centimeters. It makes me dizzy to go through there, but I pass, and I wonder if my mother will be able to get through.

I get to the end, and there is a castle on the mountain. My uncle is giving soccer lessons on a very luxurious terrace. So I find a green snake, the size of a python, looking at me, but that's the end of it.


Scene #1

The first scene is cosmic, the Sagittarius sector, Jupiter or Saturn dominant, of our Milky Way galaxy. My stepfather's farm, where I grew up, the second room is the space from the middle outward of the sector. That is, if we look at it as the slice of a pie, we are in the middle, crosswise, a little bit displaced outward, taking a quarter.

Fanaticized people means that in that sector, the planets, its inhabitants have soccer as a hobby, a multimillionaire industry, which gives meaning to the lives of many. Fanaticism is a way of finding meaning to existence in such aberrant places.

Then my cousin, from the Espeho neighborhood of Las Heras, where by analogy is the small ANDROMEDA Galaxy.

He reprimands my mother, from Capricorn, that is, people from SATURN, controlled by draconians, because in that neighborhood I saw evil iron snakes. He reproaches her for having technology and property, which indicates that the reptilians of ANDROMEDA are cursed people who hate that the children of humans have some technology. So he himself intervenes and melts down the motorcycle, and leaves the leftover technology for them to put together what they can. That is what the reptilians do with the people in the JUPITER sector of our Milky Way, in the second room from the outside in.

In another vision, I saw that in that place they process humans as food for draconians, and the protagonist is SATURN. This being is forced to negotiate lives on a cosmic level in order to subsist. Reptilians are very evil, violent, bloodthirsty, and deceitful, besides being nauseatingly cannibalistic.

Scene #2

The place, the first sector of the farm, where I see everything, is the Sagittarius sector of the Earth. Below I give you the map of that area, which I already dealt with in another group of four visions in which Master ELUGAK teaches me that it is a dangerous reptilian sector where cannibalism and aberrant human trafficking are practiced assiduously.

My uncle was of the sign of Gemini, and he comes out as a clear soccer leader. The soccer leader of Napoli, the area I am talking about, is a native of the sign of Gemini (May 24 is Gemini), and he is a draconian, which controls the whole issue of the corrupt criminal network. His name is AURELIO DE LAURENTIS, born in Rome, on May 24, 1949.

Aurelio De Laurentis

A stone's throw of the area of Italy involved in this issue, which is from the Eastern South, Naples, to the South, except for Sicily and Western Calabria, and including Puglia, is denoted. The most extended zone includes the line up to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, ascending through the eastern end of Albania and Montenegro, to the middle of Bosnia, at the height of Sarajevo.

That place is an ancient settlement of very ancient human lineages brought by the Moon, but the criminal network is controlled by this man. There are cannibal inhabitants, of course, draconians incarnated as humans, and on top of that they also have a genetic component that they inherit from their mother's side.

Flag of Albania, clearly blood and reptiles with some eagle facade

The stone passageway is a way of showing me that these people are being restricted in a hidden way. In a hidden way given their criminal and cannibalistic instincts, then a discriminatory separation is evident.

My mother was a native of Capricorn, which is not allowed to pass almost to the north. She represents the woman of Italy, of this area, where they do not let pass the woman genetically engaged in this dark subject.

Many know and do not speak for fear of being killed to silence them, but now Master ELUGAK has the green light to speak on Earth without being harmed, by specific indications of the Cosmic Regency.

Red Zone of the Sagittarius Sector of the Earth

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