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The elite's criminal plans for the next centuries

Why Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and most of China are not allowed to develop? Is it a coincidence that the elites aim to deteriorate the health, education, and food of these nations? NO!!!

Controlled parts of China and Japan will prosper for a while only.

LATIN AMERICA, will be populated by Jews and some Arabs, and eventually by certain lineages from Western Europe. Eurasia will be left with only the non-nephilim lineages (children of Jehovah or the Dragon), and they will be left to disaster and uncontrol, and then a terrible insectoid invasion, until DARULAK arrives on Earth.

EURASIA is separated from the rest of the world by water barriers. Even Southeast Asia has SINGAPORE as a point of separation from Indonesia and Oceania in general. Not in vain did the English choose that point to create a metropolis under their control.

The Anglo-Saxon Franks are already installed in their zones. Only the Indonesian Islands are slightly free of European occupation, for the time being.

The insectoid-free world in the ABADON will be divided among the privileged lineages, and Eurasia is destined for abandonment and disaster.

The hidden Messiah King David made a 20,000-year truce with the draconians and insectoids. After they settle in the safe places, they will give the unwanted humans as food to these subterranean beasts.

How generous with people this Messiah, son of Jehovah!

© Leonardo Betetto

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