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How to fight against the spiritual enemy?

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Spokesperson: Master ALUGADTH

We are invaded by unseen and invisible enemies

In 6 thousand BC there was an insectoid invasion on Earth. The evil we see in our world today is the unfolding of many past events, which are hidden or coded from us, for there is an evil mastermind behind the world's ruling elites. If you believe that the president of the USA is the ultimate world authority you are in error. Those who rule in this world, the highest echelon, are not even human beings concretely.

For their part, they lie to us with history. The universe is older than they say, and the history of the earth is also shorter than they say. Of course I am referring to history already past the eternal prehistoric stages. And in the terms of recent histoy I am talking about 60 thousand years ago, especially the last 8 thousand.

In 6 thousand B.C.E. a meteoric object arrived on earth, it was an insectoid seed, and a deeply evil germ. Someone in the universe prepared a very powerful biological and etheric weapon. What the movies show is the truth, somewhat transformed, but as if it were fiction or a lie, and that is not so. The one that really lies and gives nothing like people is religion, especially Christianity.

That directed panspermia produced abominable and frightening beings, whose form is so sophisticatedly evil and horrible that it defies all standards of evil and fierce thing.

Not only do they physically infect by devouring humans and even animals, but they also corrupt the etheric plane of the Earth, and parasitize humans, manipulate them, make them sick, live through them, use their energies, and all without people really knowing it. They are not only violent, but so evil that they produce mirages so that people fall for their trickery. The diabolical possession is quite mythical. You don't have to reach those states to be influenced by these beings. Possession shows have to do with them, but mostly with the altered states of consciousness they produce, and they make people or the victim drool and say incoherent things. The astral plane is a great filth, and millions of people are deluded into thinking that we are really surrounded by an astral plane full of angels and benevolent beings.

Since these insects are not fools, they have also created a fallacy of false dualism, that is, the low and high astral, so that people believe that universal good and evil dwell there; but it is all a great deception. Both fairies and demons are the same with different facades.

On the physical plane we see them manifest as heat that circulates through our body. That is dark matter, of which most of the universe is made: 75%. Yet they tell us absolutely nothing about it, except to name it.

The agenda also includes inducing human beings to stagnation, violence, low passions, low self-esteem, unbridled lust, chilling fear, and all that sort of thing. That is why there are so many fables and horror movies that bring a lot of fear to people, and even work negatively with children.

From the time we are children, we are brainwashed to consume the material they disseminate, and we conform to the state of aberrant mediocrity and misery in which we are.

When they manifested themselves twelve thousand years ago, they basically invaded the Middle East and India. Only two cities, and they were controlled by Jehovah with his nuclear weapons present on the Moon. Hence the myth of Sodom and Gomorrah. Something very codified, of course.

In other words, the story of 2500 B.C. as the beginning of time, or failing that 5000 B.C. for written history, is false.

The modern human was created about 46 thousand years ago, by DARULAK, known mythically by other names.

Then, in the following 30,000 years many things happened, but at present I want to deal with the subject of the insect invasion.

The Jewish Old Testament speaks of not invoking the dead, and in the case of the invocation of the Soothsayer of Endor for King Saul, she sees a specter coming up from the earth, which indicates that first of all Jehovah knows that when we invoke the dead we are talking to demons, and also that they are in the so-called in Hebrew ABADON, which is a place under the ground.

That is, the insectoids that survived the nuclear attack locked them underground, and they have the entry and exit points totally sealed, and they only open them to give them food, which they prefer, of course human beings, and this is my guess, maybe also in second term animals and others.

If you do not understand where these humans come from, you can learn that millions of people disappear every year, and nothing more is heard of them.

It is evident that these entities have allowed us to reproduce in order to have biological matter and food to consume, and to live through us.

Christianity, I was telling you, is their favorite religion, that is why especially the Catholic religion handles the subject of demonology, together with the so-called evangelical Christians.

They move very large masses of astral energy, and people think that it is the Holy Spirit or power of God, which is absolutely a great deception.

Christianity itself, in spite of wanting to show itself as a religion of love and peace, actually promotes the annulment of the ego, the loss of self-esteem through guilt, and the fear of hell, accepting martyrdom and blind pacifism.

For their part, they do not like us to do energetic practices, such as traditional meditation, or meditation arts in movement, such as Tai Chi Chuan, or Chi Kung, or Yoga, because it raises our natural etheric defense, and that does not suit them at all. It is good for them our ignorance, and that we have all our etheric meridians stagnant and sealed.

By analogy, it is as if you are in a big pandemic, and you have a way to drain your viral material through specific channels. That will give you a lot of health and consequent freedom, but the virus promoters and attackers don't like those kinds of draining practices for the best.

As I was saying, the emotional factor is their main strength: fear, scaring us with their faces so that we prefer death to seeing them in person.

We can fight against all this, and we have an armament to do it, all this at least, until the universal ruler Darulak or Neptune comes to put things in order. They are coming from 5 billion light years away to help us, and the earth's turn is in 8,457 years. However, the physical plague will come out of the depths in the future year of 9542. That is to say, the earth will have to face this physical attack for almost 1,000 years, that is why the apocalypse mocks us by saying that there will be a millennium where Christ will reign.

Christ is an invention of a "draconian" in chief of the Earth. Christ gives a message of hopelessness or false hope behind the peace and quietness he pretends to show, as well as such a salvation he offers to people.

It is about God hanging on wood, bleeding and suffering. It is hard to imagine such a mockery and evil towards human beings. Besides, it is the Solar God, which means that they have murdered the Solar Ruler of the Milky Way, and they have created this religion to mock him and us. This process of formation of religions took place since Babylon, in 5000 BC. About 1,000 years after the great insectoid invasion.

It can be said that Christianity, and its derivatives, Spiritism and all that kind of practices, are the result of a very harmful process for the human being that has been developed so gradually that we do not realize how virulent it is with what we are dealing with.

Around the year 5768 brother Elugadth or Jupiter will come to help with this process as well. It will be a period of great expansion of this struggle, and of our resistance to these beings while we live on Earth.

Let us discuss our ways to fight this evil.

First of all, stay away from beliefs and philosophies that blame the human being. Human beings are the way they are because their creators made them that way, and on top of that an astral or etheric plane is not at all conducive to awakening and self-esteem.

These beliefs are very astute, as I said before, they seek to put man as a being that causes evil in the world, and from there to fear there is very little distance through guilt. Freeing oneself from guilt produces an opening of the healthy ego, and a considerable increase in positivism and self-esteem.

Look for our origins, recognize it, we were created to live and enjoy, but someone took that main course away from us, it is not the fault of the human being the state we are in.

Admit and know that we are souls created from the beginning of the universe to live an eternal life. It is not true that there are angels who live an eternal life, and that they are not material. On the contrary, there is an eternal life for every being in this universe, and without etheric curses, and with all kinds of development and positivism, only that the vicissitudes of existence have put us in this temporary mess.

Knowing that you are you, the high and worthy end that we have, will reveal us spiritually to reject practices and beliefs that undermine your ego and your healthy self-love, and towards humanity, and that plays against your awakening.

Do not think that there are evil beings who can handle us. Know that you and all of us can even join together to defeat that foul and lying astral plane, and avoid the pitfalls during astral detachments. Sleep paralysis has to do with fear and ignorance. If we know that it is all an evil theater, we will be able to reject these phenomena and not let ourselves be knocked down unnecessarily.

Spread as much as you can this information, this will help others to awaken and the process of liberation will be greatly enhanced, even if you underestimate yourself and do not believe it.

Do not incarnate again on earth. This I tell you is for those who live, but to return to this world to continue to struggle to live a life among these beings is not life. If you do not incarnate, you will be put into unconsciousness for some time until the Earth is restarted, and we all have an immortal body in a worthy place. You will not notice the passage of time, for not being conscious you do not perceive it in time. You will not suffer, do not worry.

Do meditative practices. I don't recommend at all starting with the lotus position and just breathing and concentrating. That is for a very advanced level of meditation. The best way to start is to mix concentration, breathing and movements, such as Tai Chi Chuan or Chi Kung. This is more fun, and moves more energy through the body, releasing and cleaning the energetic dirt that is in the meridians, which have blocked them. It is not for nothing that traditional Chinese medicine is very advanced in these matters, as well as acupuncture.

The amount of physical and mental benefits brought by these practices are unimaginable, everything improves, if you do it right. Above all it is good to remove anxiety, another negative factor to feed these beings.

Do not override the ego of yourself and the environment. The basic ego is fundamental to cement the person mentally and spiritually. There is a culture of ego nullification, both in religions and in beliefs and philosophies promoting ego hatred, and the abandonment and disregard of oneself. This is not good at all, you let your ego, and other people's egos soar. You will only find a ceiling where you have to go, but if you turn it off, you will never get off the ground.

Finally, stand tall and declare yourself an advocate and warrior in this world, both for yourself and for your own. Part of the counterculture of liberation is to make people use crutches or fetishes to come between them and you. That undermines a lot of the courage that every human being has inside and can bring out, and face any obstacle.

For example, the damned Christianity says that in the name of Christ I command you to withdraw. That is bad and false, not only that they do not care that you name christ, but it undermines your self-esteem and your warrior consciousness, because it denies that you yourself simply give the order to these beings to go away. I now, after awakening, when they visit me, I tell them with emphatic authority and force: YOU LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. And that is all, do not let them invade our territory.

© Leonardo Betetto

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