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No one keeps the biblical law

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Spokesperson: Master ALUGADTH

Christians and others defend the bible tooth and nail, but in reality no one does what it commands.

Christians never tire of repeating that the biblical law was abolished, and that it is Judaizing, and no longer has any value, but there are points to consider in this regard, as one of the many ways to refute Christianity and its ways.

1. The law says that the Sabbath day is Shabbat or Saturday, however Christianity changed it to Sunday because of rejection of the Jews, not because the law says so.

2. The law forbids giving money to usury to a brother. However, it is common in Christianity to use usury for all tax arrears, and there are even agencies of usury loans at high interest rates.

3. The law forbids to afflict the brother who could not pay his debt, to such an extent that the cloak must be returned to him before nightfall. Christianity has the support of the same public force to break into the brother's home to take his goods, seize his wages and take his property, which are even the source of his livelihood.

4. On the one hand, they are softer and on the other hand harder: the law says that the murderer cannot live, and it makes sense, since a being who indulged in the luxury of intentionally killing another does not deserve to keep his life. However, in the Christian society it is necessary to keep these subjects in prisons, and many of them even continue to murder while in prison.

5. The law says that a dead person is impure and must be buried immediately after a wake and mourning. However, the Catholic Church proudly exposes the deceased body of its saints.

6. The law says that if someone accidentally kills my relative, I have the right to kill the unintentional murderer. However, this is frowned upon in today's Christian society.

7. The law allows polygamy, yet that is frowned upon in Christian society. The most repulsive of all is that there is still polygamy in disguise, and it is frowned upon by Christian people; hence many become atheists.

8. The law says that there are animals that are impure for consumption, and forbids them. However, Christians enjoy eating pork, shellfish, and other unclean animals.

9. The law forbids the sacrifice of unclean animals, yet Christianity has an icon of a human being hanging on a tree, and human flesh is not kosher.

10. The law says that adultery is punishable by death. However, Christians do not do that, and on top of that, a man posing with an unmarried woman is considered adultery, and for the law it is not, because the woman is free.

11. The law says that whoever rapes an unmarried woman is obliged to take her as a woman, but this does not apply in Christianity.

12. The law says that the owner of an animal that kills, and the owner knows it, THE ANIMAL AND THE OWNER must die, however, I have seen many cases of dogs that kill people, and their owners are calm, defending themselves from "bad comments".

13. The law commands to kill men, women, and children of the peoples of Canaan. However, for doing any of this in the Gaza Strip, the Christians were outraged and called the Jews murderers.

14. The law mandates a lunar and solar date for Passover, but Christianity has changed those times for no good reason. Moreover, the celebration of the Passover is forbidden to the Gentiles.

15. There is a feast called Sukkot or Tabernacles, where the nations are invited to participate in Jerusalem. But not only do the Christians not do that, but they also annul all those dates of the law, and add pagan dates such as Christmas, the day of the saints, and many more.

16. The law strictly forbids divination and necromancers. The Christian society not only does not kill fortune tellers and necromancers, but also practices necromancy by ordering prayers to the dead, who are called saints.

17. The law authorizes the priests to take a virgin woman for a wife. Christianity has not only usurped the Jewish priesthood, but also forbids priests to marry.

18. The Bible says that Zion is the holy city. Catholic Christians say that the Vatican is.

19. The law ordains an inheritable priesthood according to the sons of Aharon, and the Levites as assistants. However, Christianity has a Pope who has nothing to do with Aharon, nor the sons of Levi.

20. The law commands not to harvest waste of grapes in the vineyard, but to leave it for the poor and indigent. However, to trespass on the property of a Christian's vineyard is a crime under their laws.

21. The law commands swearing by Jehovah and using Jehovah's name. However, Christianity does not fulfill this commandment, in fact, they even prohibit any kind of oath.

22. The famous TITHE is from the land of Israel, for the priests of the temple, and once a year. However, Christians have always cheated their faithful by asking for monthly tithes from resources that are not from Israel, for a different destination. Besides, THE TITHE IS NOT IN MONEY, it is in goods.

23. Important: the Jewish god says that the land is his, no one can appropriate land as do the CHRISTIAN TERRATENIENTS, who have millions of hectares, and there are people who have nothing. That is why the land must be distributed in portions accessible to all the people, and not believe themselves to be the owners of it. If someone cedes it for selling to the relative and rendering services, then it must be unfailingly redeemed. In this Christian civilization, here for example in Argentina, there are millions of virgin hectares in which there is nobody, however if I want a piece of land I must buy it.

Since the Christians are so good, and the law is so bad ...

Why don't the legislators make a land law, where every citizen is entitled to a plot of land to inhabit?


24. The law regulates slavery, and says that if a slave runs away from the owner, he shall be received with rejoicing and hospitality where he has escaped, and shall be free. However, in the slavery that the Christians made against the Africans, when someone escaped they condemned him even more.

© Leonardo Betetto

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