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Logical Deduction of the Existence of Advanced Beings

Source: Master ELUGAK
Prophet, Contactee and Witness: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Jacob

In this paper we will give proof of the existence of intelligent and increasingly evolved beings, both in this universe and in the infinite multiverse. Man is an intelligent and quite evolved being, as are most animals, but with other alternative endowments and capabilities.

The logical process I am about to give may seem disappointingly simple, considering that this is such a broad, complex and important subject. But sometimes the most transcendent things have very simple demonstrations.

Something characterizes many living beings, and it is an increasing level of intelligence, in conceptual terms, of all kinds, such is that it is that we can give a general definition as:

"The capacity for logic, comprehension, self-awareness, learning, emotional awareness, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving". More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and retain it as knowledge to apply to adaptive behaviors within an environment or context."

One of the things we see in our cultural environment on Earth, is the theme of creative implication, i.e., for something to be intelligent, it must first be created, programmed and designed by another intelligent being. An immediate example would be a computer with its software. Generally speaking, we could say that intelligent is either a person or similar being that creates intelligence, or a flow of processes that includes the intrinsic and environmental factors that finally produce an intelligent being, or another flow of intelligent processes. The latter case would be that of nature.

The above Table of Truth, in words, would be:

For every conscious intelligent being, and for every flow of intelligent processes, it IMPLIES, that either there exists a conscious intelligent being, or there exists a flow of intelligent processes that gives rise to them.

In the only case that our implication is not fulfilled is when there is definitely no form of intelligence. But since we have an infinite multiverse, the possibilities are all fulfilled, and infinitely many times each.

We have concrete proof that there is intelligence in a being to create in ourselves, we are the living proof. Just as nature is the proof of the second case, of an intelligent system.

The discussion is not whether one intelligence gave rise to another, but rather whether that intelligence is an individual intelligent and conscious being, or the result of an enabling environment, or literally: a flow of processes also intelligent, like nature.

In other words, given the circumstances we will never be able to remove the true and inescapable notion of an intelligence prior to another intelligence.

The logical mechanism I propose does not rule out the intervention of both entities, i.e., intelligence as a flow of processes or as a conscious being, at any level of this material universe, that of dark or spiritual matter, or of the container multiverses.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion:

At some point in infinity we will have conscious intelligent beings creating conscious intelligent beings.

If we refer back to the antecedents of nature, and go backwards into infinity, there are infinite possibilities of conscious intelligent beings, just as we are conscious intelligent beings. The assertion of infinity has then validity, since we are a concrete example of conscious intelligence, and furthermore nature is a witness to us.

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