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There is an indoctrination in science

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee and Witess: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Amy


Scientific and educational institutions do not teach us, or instruct us, but indoctrinate us, as they do in everything.

The rulers of this world have established an earth science that does not respond to the truth. It responds to an indoctrination since we are born, just like religion.

There are several issues that are blatant failures to truth.

1: The subject of the times of the universe.

2: The speed of light, and some unfeasible variants for cosmic travel.

3: Alleged extraterrestrial contacts are approached as a UFO or UFO issue.

4: Evolution, and the Synthetic Theory.

We have been indoctrinated since childhood that one must achieve speeds in reference to the speed of light to travel through the cosmos. This is a blatant lie. The speed of light was never intended in this universe to travel through it. That is a decoy put out by some to divert the focus. The pyramids are for communications and astral travel through the universe. That subject is kept to themselves, obviously.

As for the issue of time, they have sold us a recent history as the tip of human evolution, a hundred times longer than it is, and the history of the cosmos is much longer than what they tell us.

In other words, recent history is shorter, and on the other hand pre-history and the history of the universe is much longer, and eternal. They give us the 13.7 billion years as an approximate value for the time relative to a supposedly important event in the universe. They made up that Big Bang falsehood to plug the gap that obviously remains in plain sight.

As for the UFO issue, they make us believe that they are extraterrestrials, but that falls to the ground by logic alone. That beings come from far away just to fly through the air, or to abduct us, or to make us fear, that is something totally false, a lie invented to keep the world in total agnosis (ignorance) of what really happens out there.

Finally, modern man is not the result of a gradual and solitary evolution in the middle of the universe. Both man and the species of homo antecessors are direct creations, and something similar happens with the rest of the species. Fossils simply point to animals that existed millions of years ago, but they are not necessarily ancestors of the present ones, in an evolutionary sense as proposed by Earth science. These "rulers" know that lies have short legs, so it is only a matter of time before their whole organ of lies collapses.

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