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Inanna or Ishtar comes from Orion

January 2020, Mendoza, Argentina.

I sleep, I see in the night sky a triangle, a UFO, on its sides there is a red light, and on the other a blue one. It descends like a bird. It is a dove, black, it is a suit, and inside is a beautiful woman.

She lowers her wings, they are black feathers too, we go to the ranch yard, she lies down on the ground, and I gently kiss her right leg. She seduces me.

Then she jumps up frightened and overwhelmed. It's getting light and she wanders through the animal pens confused and desperate. Her costume has been torn and rags of torn clothing hang on her.


There comes a living creature incarnated as an earthly human who will claim to be the Goddess Ishtar, Inanna, or Aphrodite. She comes at night, when no one sees her coming, and all sleep in their slumber of ignorance. In fact, from the astral plane souls are already being manipulated to dream of her.

The blue and red light are Orion, the M42 nebula is red, and NGC1977 is blue. That place has been usurped by abominable beings.

The dove is a symbol of peace, but she is a black dove. It is a dark peace, based on the deception of religions and beliefs, and unfounded hopes.

She seduces me for an instant, that is, she will lead many into her deception, but suddenly she will be stripped of her garment or costume, all will awaken and realize that she is an abominable being. That is why it becomes daylight and wanders confused in the pens. They are the animals, the beings different from humans. It will be exposed in public before the people.

Access to the Lunar computer.

Master ELUGAH, and Master Leonardo, accessed the astral plane computer, and the computer responded to the request. Sir, tell me something...

The answer was as follows:

You are special.
Do not be carried away by doctrines.
I am with you soon.

That was to confirm the coming of Inanna, and how it is being acted upon from the astral plane. It is evident that there is a program or answering machine to answer certain questions, and questions asked on behalf of certain specific people. In my case, we did hacking, obviously.

© Leonardo Betetto

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