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Mankind Spiritual Situation

Author: Master ALUGADTH

Beliefs and Current World Situation. They call the galactic masters crazy, but the system gets them into big trouble.

A Catholic priest or friar told me in a Facebook group that I am "crazy" for being a prophet.

First of all, I clarify that I am not crazy, and that I am serious, and I know what I am saying.

I would like to comment to the dear readers and viewers that there are serious problems with the world. It has never been right, neither mentally, nor morally, nor spiritually; the current creation is flawed, things are not going well, and the creator God has done things wrong, and imputed the responsibility to man, which is a great injustice, because I cannot blame the created for what the creator did not do right, and even less if he did it knowingly, that transforms him into a crazy, iniquitous, very perverse entity, and demanding of even greater wickedness.

Few realize that observing life on Earth shows a scene of terror, but not in a movie, it is not necessary, to see how they eat each other is enough to see the degree of disease that prevails, and very few notice it, like the Gnostics, who I, without being one, consider that at least question the god of this world, instead of defending it hysterically as most do.

The problem is not only in noticing, but in doing something about it, and the fact that few do it shows that the situation is even more serious. If a kidnapped person was kidnapped it is not the kidnapped person's fault, but for the kidnapped person to love and defend the kidnapper on top of that is not healthy.

People take doctrines for packages, it is rare that people really think for themselves. Above all, they wait for the approval of the matrix or system, and there they fall into the trap again and again.

There is a generalized incapacity to take what is useful from each part and put together one's own doctrine. Obviously we need parameters to measure what is true or not. But even so, few dare to contradict the system, and unfortunately they are usually atheists who went down that line out of rebellion to religions.

Many of them, although they say they do not believe in any god, carry a great conflict of guilt and punishment in their souls, and they are not even aware, because the power of the system is great, and it is not easy to escape in all layers of that reality. Only a true liberation through knowledge and self esteem brings freedom.

Many false prophets promise them the truth, but they put a reformed myth in their heads, and the deception continues.

This is typically the case with the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They are based on guilt, punishment and absolute submission. They say that it is necessary to preach, that in the non-believer the spirit of God supposedly acts to convince him of sin and truth. But that is not true, it is fear that acts in the person, and finally he can take two paths: absolute indifference, like many atheists, or else submission.

Therefore, that is not a miracle of the holy spirit. It is fear, guilt, punishment and hopelessness. To worship a god out of fear of punishment speaks of a lot of sickness, and a lot of trouble behind a facade of a supposedly loving, just, good and omnipotent god. An omnipotent god does not need to be worshipped, that is for cheap demons.

I am going to comment on some things that cause great blindness in people, and specifically they are very sick Catholic teachings. The notion of the Pope as God:

They say out of their mouths that the pope is not God.

The aforementioned friar says that I am more arrogant than the pope because I am a prophet, according to his self-appointed prophet, which is not true at all.

In the first place, no one saw God or Christ appointing the Pope of the moment, so something is not right. On their part, they claim a succession that they cannot prove with the Bible or history. Their lying succession is lost in the time of history, and there is a lot of myth behind it all.

Few people know that the Pope of the day claims a divine position in the world. One of his false titles is "Vicar of Christ". Vicar means that he has the power of so-and-so, or that he replaces so-and-so.

If he has the power of God, or replaces God in his absence, these are crazy things that imply a great arrogance, and on top of that it is false, because clearly the Pope has nothing of the God that the Bible preaches. He does not work miracles, he does not heal the sick, he does not remove the Covid-19, he does not end hunger, in short, there are millions of things that as God himself should do and does not do. It does not even commit itself to a reliable explanation of why things happen in this world, and if they give any hint of an explanation it is usually to blame man, to make him more blind, more helpless, more guilty, and more resentful with himself.

This creates a vicious circle of guilt, threat, fear, spiritual destruction; because the person understands that everything bad that happens to him comes from his own responsibility and guilt, and that causes a sick fear of hell. An imaginary place created by Christianity to threaten people, and scare them with eternal punishment.

Few understand that such a place is the result of the worst inner demons of mankind, and on top of that the Pope who is supposedly the biblical God, instead of teaching not to fear in that lie, instigates it, supports it, and proclaims himself as the one who can deliver you from that horrendous place, thus creating a pocket of privilege, mind control, and blind sheep who do whatever it takes to avoid going to that imaginary, fantastic and absurd place.

Such is the mind control it causes, that few people dare to ask a priest or the Pope where hell is. If they give any answer, it is partial, confusing, and above all they attribute to people even more guilt by telling them that they do not know or believe because they have no faith, and so the circle of guilt, punishment, fear, and control of the will continues, and the absolute submission continues. Why is there so much sexual abuse in the Catholic Church? Because people submit blindly to the clergy, and this gives them an incredible power, which they use to coerce even children, and they think that their swindlers and immoral priests do everything for a reason, and they must obey. In addition, they impose a supposed chastity and deprivation of sex in a useless way, and of course unnatural and impossible to carry out, which causes more sexual corruption.

At best, people assume that the Church must be flawed, and therefore settle for a corrupt clergy full of shameful secrets, which from time to time come to light and bring much scandal.

But few know that they themselves bear that shame, because they feel they belong to that Church, and end up keeping their mouths shut for fear of hell, and the punishment of their false god.

As if that were not enough, I work for the government, I have my livelihood that I earn, I am not maintained by the world, scholarshipped by society to deceive it and keep it under control, who do not work for society with a conventional job, and on top of that they have hundreds of thousands of properties. In fact, tax exempt.

Instead, for their part, by making the Pope as their god, they are implying that he is impotent and absent, for he does not do what their god would do, and also gives few answers, which indicates that they put their god as an impotent, absent being, and that everything he should do is dumped on man, and so the circle closes, and the deception and subjugation continues.

I have seen the Master, that is where I come from in fact, but the Pope has never seen the Master, and yet they say that he is risen and alive. And that is if we suppose for a second that the Catholic Christ was eventually the Master, and that is not true.

Is heaven so far away to not see the Lord Himself? That also gives a message of emptiness of their god, and of impotence on their part, and of abandonment to humanity.

The Roman Catholic inclusive maneuver:

Catholicism absorbs beliefs in order to reform them and have control over them, and over those who believe in them. It has absorbed the Jewish god, and they have as part of the bible the Jewish scriptures, plus others like the deuterocanonicals. So when people want to justify what they believe they cite the authority of the Church, and when the Church is questioned about the absurdity of their beliefs they go to the faith of the people, presenting themselves as very good guys who respect what the common Catholic believes.

There the sick and twisted personality of the god of this world is clearly shown. A god who makes himself worshipped by force, on pain of death. It is not so twisted in the catholic sense, because this god does not claim eternal punishment in hell, but he is insecure, partial, violent, misogynist, slave-owning, destructive, hardened, militaristic, and infinitely evil, for a god who has created mankind to enjoy his worship, punishments, sacrifices, deaths, genocides, etc., blaming man for his own divine errors is really an evil that escapes comprehension. There can be no being more evil than the biblical and catholic god, without a doubt. Islam also has the same god changed a little facade, and each of these religions believe that they have the true god, without realizing or questioning the evil and infinite perversity of that one. On top of that it is false, because it is very, very far from being the creator of heaven and earth.

He simply hijacked a place to make his own horror movie, and he knows very well that there is a Master above him, whom he has defamed and distorted.

But it will not be forever, he will not allow this cruel, bloodthirsty and perverse rant for much longer.

The Catholic Church was very faithful to this god in showing hatred and resentment towards the world, when they killed many in the so called holy inquisition, and then the van that the power they have is by divine right, when in reality they imposed themselves by force, and through bribery by fear and death, and execution in the most varied and terrible ways, such as instruments of torture.

But most of them are so asleep that they do not see this, do not assimilate it well, and even defend them. The battered woman syndrome happens to them. The woman learns that this is what she deserves, and accepts her husband's mistreatment. If someone offers her something else, she rejects it, because that is what she has already learned to accept as deserved.

The same happens with the god of this world, in fact, he does not hide it, and presents the Church as his wife, and that he is the husband who submits her.

When we Galactic Emissaries present them with another picture, they treat us as crazy, as every abused wife does, and as is to be expected. Therefore, society is very sick, it has a very sick clergy, and an even sicker god, and my deepest contempt and annoyance towards that god.

In short, we see sick attitudes of people everywhere as something normal, or we complain about how imperfect we are, and everything is closed in the same man, without considering that perhaps that god that they have been taught is ultimately to blame for everything, and a true psychopath.

The Eucharist:

The Eucharist is the greatest fraud to humanity, and few notice it. For the clergy to say that they have the power to transform the host into the true body of their Lord, and give it to the people to ingest orally to receive it, is a perverse and senseless act, for the lie is clear, there is no such change of substance as they allege.

But people believe it, therefore, it denotes a high degree of sickness of both the people, the clergy, and the god they proclaim. To have to eat it to be with him is something terrible, only a madman can argue such fantastic depravity.

A priest argues to me that they have Eucharistic miracles, but that is false, it was demonstrated here in Argentina, a laboratory test showed that after 24 hours at a certain temperature, the host produced a bacteria that turned it red, as if it had blood. Therefore, this supposed miracle is also a deception, of course.

The spiritualism of praying to the saints:

The Jewish Old Testament strictly forbids contact with the dead, but Catholicism ignores this, and teaches that we can and should pray to the saints, which is an insane act, since a dead person is not omnipresent to hear prayers. To cover this up, the Catholic Church says that it is God who takes the prayers and gives them to the saints. An invention without any basis whatsoever, unheard of as everything it preaches. Just an excuse to get out of the way. The truth is that the people they were converting by force, some of them make concessions for their old gods so as not to lose the faithful, and create saints instead of those gods to worship them. An absorbing concessive maneuver common in this religion. Of course they are so hypocritical that they do not admit this sly inclusive activity.

If you ask them why they don't respect the Bible, they tell you that the biblical saints interceded for people, but they forgot, rather they pretend to forget that those biblical saints interceded while they were alive, and furthermore no one prayed to them as their god for them to do so. They often seem to treat us as fools and insane as they are, well, there are many people who believe it.

The very fact that people believe by masses, custom, and unfounded traditions, also shows a high degree of spiritual disability. A free and healthy being thinks for himself, he does not mimic something because many simply follow it. Humanity is following myths, stories, legends, scholars of mythological and religious themes, but mythology and religion at the end.

Such is the case, for example, of Secariah Sitchin, who spent thirty years studying a myth, and then people go into a collective hysteria talking about those myths as if they were true, and rejoice in sharing absurd and speculative publications on the basis of myths. A lot of academia, but a lot of myth too. For them their god is an impotent who leaves us only mythology for us to choose to believe in something. Then we complain about the large number of atheists out there.

The atheist is the sanest and closest person to the truth that exists in the world right now. But they are in denial because of the sheer amount of nonsense that goes on in religions and pseudo spiritualities.

The very fact that people need to arm themselves with a false ideal to worship shows a great spiritual and mental decay.

When we Galactic Emissaries come to tell it like it is, we are branded as crazy, as if the Master were an impotent who cannot give revelation for humanity, and we have to submit ourselves to myths and legends, and to scholars of these myths and legends; but myths and legends at last.

The sickness becomes such that people do not accept that the truth out there comes from someone here and now, and not from a world famous personage.

People need to believe that far away and long ago is the way to understand the truth. Today no one can reveal anything, it is obvious from these facts that they cannot distinguish truth from lies.

Science fiction does its thing through Hollywood, novelists and spiritual speculators.

Topics like Star Wars is real, but they have made it look like a science fiction topic, and in fact there are people who consider extraterrestrial topics to be science fiction; even the biblical ones. They do not realize that the universe is so big that there can be, and in fact there are millions of planets like ours, and with human beings, but immortal.

It is implanted in society that for something to be credible it has to be mythical, far away and long ago, or in the remote future. It is widespread, but that does not stop it from being a social cancer, and it also ends up producing more atheists.

But the god of this world does not give a damn about atheists, for he knows that they unconsciously serve the system or matrix equally.

As a conclusion, with such a degree of mental and spiritual illness, it is not strange that a Master is treated as a madman, and the infamous and liars put in great position. The infamous liar does not tell the truth, but offers quick fixes, methods, growth systems that are often pure lies, and lock people into illusions that end in nothingness, and mental and spiritual death as well. And so, all the cognitive garbage in this decayed world is recycled and reassembled to offer packages of solutions that lead to the same thing, that is, death.

When they see the Master, instead of being sensible and giving him the benefit of the doubt, until they know more, they systematically reject him like a spring, and that also speaks of illness, because someone who believes that something is false in such a systematic way, and without having adequate knowledge of the cause, indicates a state of very great deterioration of the superior capacities. There are counted on the fingers of the hand people who doubt, and that is very healthy, because it is to understand oneself correctly as a being that can investigate, and reach more mature, intelligent and fair conclusions.

The future that awaits us is bright, this perverse matrix of lies and death will be destroyed, and thus the consciousnesses will be able to continue with the true universal plan.

Be strong and hopeful, and in the meantime do not be fooled into incarnating in this world to serve the system or matrix!

Psychological and moral situation of the world, part II.

We see the level of people to accept a Galactic Master.

Individuals who escape the social normal because of their intellectual, health, moral, or spiritual condition are taken as objects of ridicule. The mockery and pandemic laughter we see in social networks are ways of venting frustration and aggression. In other words, they are one hundred percent violence. Religious individuals, and especially those of us who have prophetic missions, are already the object of mockery, scandal, rejection, among other things. The same system prepares people for both things, both to remain ignorant of the universal reality, and to be violent. There is a culture of violence, and it follows fairly predictable patterns, all supported by genetics itself.

People are programmed from birth to live as slaves of a system that parasitizes them in every way. People do not want to waste five minutes analyzing something in spiritual matters, but they have hours to waste with their cell phones. Of course, everyone is the owner of using their time for whatever, but it is still a great reality. And speaking of social networks, people have many ways to express their frustrations through what they do or say in the networks, whatever they are. For example, one person asked me many questions with bad manners about my prophetic mission, and when he saw that I started to answer with strong words, he told me not to be obfuscated, that if I was a prophet then I should be patient and make him understand, while he kept using insults and saying nonsense. This shows the endemic degree of sickness and wickedness, for a person to indulge in the luxury of not only disrespecting, but also accusing a prophet of how he is supposed to be according to what he himself understands as a prophet, indicates a really important level of sadism. The responsible, in part, the Christian sanctimony, which has taught that absurd doctrine, and on top of it false and unfulfillable, of turning the other cheek. It is an absolutely meaningless value at the universal level to respond to an aggressor by turning the other cheek. This is an irrational and completely useless act of submission. Those who call themselves Christians, even in the Bible itself, show that this is not so, nor should it be so. It is just another doctrine of the religious system to make people prone to a blind pacifism, but very useful.

That is, according to some sick sadists we prophets would have to come to this world to be mistreated, and on top of that not to respond strongly with strong words, which indicates that the conscious or unconscious sadism they have is really amazing. Many people are a battering ram that responds with violence to what they do not understand, and according to their sick criteria the prophet has to turn the other cheek, which serves only for more mockery of the aggressor, just that. Sadistic people try to put one in a predicament, not only by mistreating, but also by asking for submissive attitudes tending to provoke a conversion, and again Christianity has a lot to do with this. To a certain extent, because over there they show their fingernails using violence to win ranks, as they did in the Middle Ages.

They killed many to impose the Christian faith, and then play the victim when someone talks about them. Moreover, the souls are imprisoned in this matrix. They are not aware, and therefore they still need to be informed of the pitiful situation they are in. On Facebook, a malicious and debased being told me with a contemptuous tone that a video of mine had only one like. But in his infinite ignorance and wickedness he obviously knows nothing of the objectives of a Galactic Master, because my answer was that, although there were almost no likes, the message is still spread. How the message sounds to people is not what is relevant, but that the message gets through. From then on, the impact of the message is thousands of years ahead. This is difficult to understand today in a world where everyone seeks to proselytize with conviction and recruitment. In that case the false prophet has to sell something that is purchasable, such as a good god that gets you out of trouble, an economic solution through faith, stop suffering, fast spiritual ascent, riches, etc. Next, I will comment on neuralgic points of reality that show social, moral, spiritual and even psychological deterioration.

1. The unhealthy guilt that Christianity instills in people. Especially Roman Catholicism has an extremely cunning and deceitful strategy to keep consciences subjugated. The dirty strategy is to make the faithful always pass off as the guilty party in the situation at hand. A friar told me that the reason why I did not believe in the changed host or transubstantiation was because I did not have faith. That is, in a very clear situation of fraud, they throw the ball to the other blaming you that you do not believe, so you do not see, in an obvious situation where the simplest and most sensible thing should take place, that is, to underestimate and reject this phenomenon as a clear fraud to the human conscience. The one that comes out on top is the issue of guilt, and the threat of punishment. People are terrified of hell, because they have been taught from birth that they are guilty of their own evils, and that if bad things happen to them it is because they are the guilty ones, and the sinners that God punishes them. So people feel miserable in the face of their problems and situations that they cannot or find difficult to cope with, and the clergy are placed in the world as a helper to overcome those problems.

They say they second you in the process, and they go along for the ride in this life full of problems. It is a way of creating slaves, and of making themselves needed, because in this way all the clergy end up having jobs in a society full of problems. If you complain, they tell you that you have to bear the cross we have to bear for being sinners and bad guys. And if you dare a minimum of rebellion, the burden could be worse, and on top of that you could go to eternal fire, or to purgatory. These doctrines do a lot of psychological damage.

Of course the clergy at the slightest thing that does not come from them brand them as madness, demonism and ridiculousness, as if what they did was halfway decent and healthy, even as if it were true. Then they present to you supposed people who are saints, to whom they pray and ask for things, which is a one hundred percent vile act, since it is clear that a dead person cannot hear prayers, and even less can he grant favors.

In spite of everything, Roman Catholicism says that a prophet is crazy, but what they teach and do is sensible. What nonsense! And so they also inculcate spiritual misery, for by praying to a deceased person whom I consider an unattainable model, it is like further lowering the morals of the believer, and I believe even more a slave of conscience.

2. Another theme related to the previous one is that of contempt for man, his undermined behavior, and his image projected as impotent, incapable of doing something good, and that good has merits. Christianity inculcates a mentality of the null value of man's works, for them man can do nothing, however, for the Master ruler, man can do everything, only that he is immersed in ignorance and evil. With the right change of attitude he can do much, and the Master recognizes that. As a result comes a deep regret upon the human spirit, and the deposit of all expectations on the Christ they worship, and that on top of that they are guilty of their death because they are sinners. The doctrines of sin and karma are very destructive in every way.

3. There is also the issue of collective hysteria, such as that of the evangelical Christian rapture. There is a collective neurosis with that theme. They are all flying in the clouds with the false ideal that at any moment they will be raptured to heaven to be with their Christ.

4. Other absurd collective hysterias that we see flourishing in society, obviously also in social networks are some like these.

A. The fifth dimensional theme. it is said that we are going to a quantum leap of consciousness, which is never going to happen.

B. The mass hysteria with the Anunnaki. Some myths are backed up in truth, but need to be decoded. Such is that I have been teaching the true Anunnaki origin, and people are still hooked on the Nibiru theme and the irrational and ridiculous theme of gold for their atmosphere. It is clear that they hid their origin premeditatedly, because they knew they were in cosmic error, and wanted to hide our celestial abode in SEISTH.

C. The Akashic records are also massively frequented by those who come out of religions and want to know their transcendental purpose, but they are also a deceptive salad to make people believe that in the selfish purposes of certain gods there is a higher purpose for each person. And the worst of it is true, the galactic matrix encompasses a lot, and people are deceived in the same system.

4. Fragmentation is also another current problem based on the well-known principle of divide and rule. For example, it is frowned upon in religions to talk about UFOs, without understanding that all their expectations come from the heavens; and the heavens are obviously the universe, the cosmos, interstellar and intergalactic space. Also in the UFO movements it is frowned upon to talk about religion, as they consider it for the ignorant and unevolved.

5. The insane theory of evolution by chance. Something that is not even remotely proven is the subject of the evolution of species by chance and necessity. There atheists find sustenance, since they get rid of having to accept that there are Creators. Therefore, these people accept evolution at face value, but this theory is also an act of faith like religion, since something as exceptionally complex as a human being is far from appearing suddenly and developing only as a product of chance and necessity, or a mere emergent phenomenon.

© Leonardo Betetto

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