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Earth events accurate to the level of ten thousandths of a second

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Prophet on Earth: Master ALUGADTH

They have imposed on us a false history and a false prehistory. The history of modern man is more recent than what they say in the sciences, and the prehistory, and the past of the Earth and the universe are much longer than they say.

The 13.7 billion years that we are given as the beginning of the universe would be rather, cosmically speaking, the beginning of the period of creativity on the part of cosmic beings, since the universe began more than 162 billion years ago, where the infancy of cosmic humans prevailed, and they prospered for billions for an eternity.

The astrological period of "I CREATE" or "I BUILD" began 14 billion years ago. That phase is in Taurus, and headed in the natal chart of the universe by Saturn or JALUL, also known much later on earth as Jehovah or Yahweh.

JALUL is not a good human being, he is a liar and a murderer. The whole story he tells about being the one true god makes no sense, it is an invention to make himself worshipped. He murdered his own brothers on this planet by impacting the planet LINUDAGH; a planetoid located in the Asteroid Belt. As a result of the impact, obviously not only human beings perished, but the current Moon was created, which he uses to regulate reproduction periods, and as a base for drones, and control of the astral plane.

Then began an alternative biological plan, with diverse animals, reptiles, birds, and mammals, among which he put the hominids, and later ancestral human beings and previous to the modern human. The myths of Neanderthal and Homo erectus are part of that history, but of course told with lies and arrangements to leave us in total agnosis and ignorance.

What they sell us as pre history is dominated by these homo ancestors, they were not really creative and spiritual beings, but experiments of Jehovah to reach a human being who intended, but did not arrive. Neptune or DARULAK, came to Earth and spawned the modern human. This annoyed Jehovah, and there was a confrontation between the homo ancestor and modern humans. DARULAK had to evacuate from Earth due to the nuclear attack that Jehovah systematically perpetrated from the Moon. On the Moon, among so many things, there is a reservoir of weapons of mass destruction.

Thus, modern humans were left at the mercy of a majority of earlier humans, Jehovah's creations. There have been many wars and hybridizations. But modern male haplogroups are recent. That is why science speaks of mitochondrial DNA instead of male DNA, because women can be traced back hundreds of thousands of years. That is what they show in the science they disseminate, in order to avoid having to explain the tremendous problem with the male sex.

Jehovah had a son in person: Dictator David. A subject that incarnates again and again, and has part of the world under his charge, especially the poorest areas of the world, such as South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and part of Africa.

Towards the seventh millennium before our era, draconians arrived incarnated, and engendered the famous hyperborean race, the current masculine lineages "I1". The solar pattern, that is: blond-haired, blue-eyed and tall. Not that they are draconian, but they are of draconian origin.

Years later there was an insectoid invasion, but they managed to imprison them in the place that in Hebrew they call Abaddon. They will be released in the sixth millennium in the area of Eurasia, which will already be devastated by wars and famines.

Recently the male haplogroup R1b arises, sired by Mercury (RILAGUDTH). The idea was to have an aggressive and explorer lineage, as well as intelligent, in order to conquer the world. To be the arrowhead of others. These are all in Western Europe.

The future holds the coming of the Great Master GIDARUK or Jupiter, who will teach humans many things. Then the aforementioned insectoid invasion, which will last millennium. Then will come universal NEPTUNO or DARULAK, and will put an end to the martyrdom of this badly achieved planet. For five thousand years will coexist humans left by this regent and the current inhabitants of this world, to prepare for the transmutation by fire to be carried out in the year 14455. Date in which the Moon will precipitate on the Earth, and everything will revert again in favor of the cosmic order.

The periods are progressively calculated from the major zodiac of the universe, the appointment with Saturn, which has come into this universe badly aspected, and then the same period is recalculated in nested form making the years smaller, and subtracting time for Saturn to rectify its evil attitude. Saturn is at 153 degrees of the natal chart of the universe, of the Earth and of all mankind. Billions of years have passed and his attitude remains as it is, so that the Earth will be transmuted by fire just as he himself did with this world that flourished with life, and took it away.

It should be noted that even the Earth is a planet that is in the galactic arm of ELUGAH, misnamed locally as Venus or Aphrodite. This property will be restored in due course, as it should be.

© Leonardo Betetto

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