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There are two hidden rulers, and four extraterrestrial interventions in this world

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Prophet on Earth: Master ALUGADTH

The world is divided between two camps, with the participation of four: The descendants of Jehovah, whose main progeny are Jewish, with a large contingent of Arabs of the highest elites, and people of higher elites as we move from Southern Europe to the East, Iran, and all the way to Western India. These areas in general are not so dense in progeny, but they are among them.

Then we have the Dragon, in whose human incarnation he gave rise to his seed: the Germanic, especially the Nordic, tall, fair-haired and light-eyed. The solar profile, which we describe, is absolutely draconic. They are mixed with the male lineage R1b, with which many did not agree, such as Hitler, who went against France and England precisely because of this subject as a hidden cause. Some draconians want a pure Germanic race exclusively, but the "R1b" have made a pact with both the main draconian and the hidden dictator David.

This R1b was spawned by a mercenary who occupies the galactic sector of RILAGUD (Mercury). They are intelligent, explorers, battle-hardened and fearless; that is what they were created for, to be arrowheads for Germanic and Jewish dominance.

The R1b males were especially attracted to blond Germanic females, and from there arises the R1b male lineage, but with Germanic features. I repeat, under disagreement of some draconians.

There is a biological weapon that belongs to a fourth side: of the galactic regent LINUDAGH, who, like others, uses insectoids to infect and attack his enemies. These insectoids attacked the Earth in 5874 BCE. Then, the dictator David reached an agreement with the draconians, and locked the insectoids in the Abaddon, which is a subway site, whose main access is precisely in Jerusalem. That is why so many guards and movement in that place. They show us part of the tunnels in Jerusalem, but in reality they extend for thousands of kilometers underground.

These insectoids are those whose spirits are the famous demons, or astral larvae. That is to say, they continue to attack us underhandedly, both in the astral plane and in the physical consumption of human beings, since they are fed by specific people destined for that perverted purpose.

The Davidic-Draconian pact, and we have already seen the intervention of a third and fourth actor, includes a truce of 15 thousand years at the most. However, both lineages are acting from the shadows with hidden plans, since ever.

Dictator David is in Russia, and controls the surrounding area, and through Cuba he also controls Latin America. The bad situation of these areas is because of his plans. Plans opposed to those of the Anglo-Saxons, who already enjoy, and are located in the strategic places of the world they are supposed to have agreed to live in.

It remains to progressively occupy Latin America from part of the Jehovitic lineage. Nevertheless, we already have a large contingent of Jews in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. This is in terms of the distribution of the planet. As for other issues, there is the economic one, where it is clearly denoted that the areas that are not inhabited by children of these beings are economically subdued, with poor health and education. This is premeditated, it is not at all a coincidence.

The other point to note is really dark, and that is that the dictator David undertook to feed the insectoids that dwell in the Abaddon, and they eat human beings. That is the reason that millions of people simply disappear without a trace in this world. There is a delicate and complex organism that traffics in human bodies, and they have very strict rules. One of them is that, upon discovery of the regional body transports, the said intervener must commit suicide. This is how delicate the subject is, not to be outdone. This aberrant aspect of this world I know of a concrete case of which the wife of a policeman testified to me that it had happened in my local town. A refrigerated transport vehicle had an accident, and when the time came to question the driver had committed suicide. When they opened the truck they saw that it was full of slaughtered human bodies. It is obvious that it was part of human body trafficking.

And that is only a small part of an intricate and complex world of human body trafficking. They need them, but they will cover it up at all costs. The people involved have specific rules, and if they break the silence they are under threat, and they can't talk. Of course they are well paid, it's part of the business.

In Europe and Asia the situation will get worse, until the Anglo-Saxon francophone zones, and the Davidic or Jehovahists take their positions in the Latin American countries. Thus, in the year 9542 the insectoids will be released; but these lineages will take refuge in safe zones, since America and the Anglo-Saxon zones are precisely separated from Europe and Asia by bodies of water. South Africa also has a large jungle, and a large desert to the north, i.e., a larger and more complex natural separation. Africa is separated from Asia by a thin canal in some parts, but that will be better solved in the future. It is the same situation as Dubai; a big city in the middle of nowhere, precisely separated by water lines. Madagascar is desired by the Dragon precisely because of that natural separation, and it has it reserved for itself, through France obviously. The island of Taiwan is in the same situation.

This is a very secret, black and horrible plan carried out by these occult rulers: draconians and Jehovahists of the ruling elites, whose heads are the dictator David, who has existed for more than 20,000 years, and the draconian who arrived on Earth in 6654 Before our Common Era.

This explains the dire situation in Latin America, Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. These are plans that were hatched in the mind of Jehovah Saturn, and the Dragon millions of years ago, but of course as it is pure evil they don't tell anyone about it; that is understood. Meanwhile, they have people asleep, making them believe that Jews and Anglo-Saxons are fighting for world peace. In reality, they are hypocritically conspiring to kill most of humanity. That they do not allow our development, food, health and education is obviously irrefutable proof of their attitude, and of their real intentions.

Two great tools to keep people asleep are both religion and cinema. Cinema shows reality in a disfigured way, with mixed up roles and confusing tattoos. And, on the other hand, religion shows inventions and lies as supposedly sacred truths. Both sides have given religions to underdeveloped countries so that they remain in a state of agnosis and extreme deficiencies. For Latin America Christianity, for Africa the spirit religions, such as the precursors of Buddhu and Umbanda. Russia is a sea of genocide; hence the origin of the wars that Russia carries out against its own people of the former Soviet Union. It is the case of the genocide perpetrated by Stalin against his own nation. Evidently this last case responds to an agenda of direct genocide, such as the Nazi Holocaust, and many other holocausts and massacres. They are not talked about as much as the Nazi Holocaust, but they were part of the history of this battered world.

Continental Europe and Asia have the Slavs, and he is largely male offspring R1a. He is a brother on the mother's side of R1b. So, he is desired neither by the Jewish dictator nor by the draconians. That is why Hitler considered the Slavs as subhumans, and Stalin put to death 17 million of them.

For its part, the film "INDEPENDENCE DAY" shows this hypocrisy and hidden plans against humanity. We see the Jews, and the protagonist has a clearly Germanic-looking woman for a wife, that both sides go against the alien invaders, and they look like heroes who save humanity with nuclear weapons.

It is hard to imagine anything more false and twisted. In reality, Jews and Germanics are in cahoots to leave Europe and Asia at the mercy of the human-eating beasts, and the one coming from outside is not an insectoid, as this film production shows, but a Cosmic Human and universal ruler called DARULAK: the NEPTUNE UNIVERSAL ruler. For that they have prepared in this world an important nuclear arsenal, which the European North American regency and Russia have, and they brainwashed us with the lie that this arsenal is for an eventual world war. It is a very obvious absurdity that it is not to be used against the people of the earth. Such weaponry is simply to be thrown at those who come to liberate the planet from the clutches of these liars and criminals.

One thing I do not want to overlook is the revelation given to me by the Master for the heights of the tenth millennium. Specifically for the year 9491.

Three important things are denoted:

A confrontation between Europeans and Asians, with informal guerrillas and low resources.

The absence of men in Japan, which would be explained by the existence of a great war, and guerrillas in the middle Asian and western sector.

The state of destruction of all East Asia, and the impossibility of cultivating land. I saw in vision a great destruction of the vegetation in the East of China.

In other words, the evil in these continents will gradually undermine reality, these conspirators and assassins are quite astute. They have everything perfectly planned. The great mass of people that they allow to exist in Asia is unfortunately deliberate, so that there will be meat available for these evil insectoids and fatal biological weapon. The Jehoviticus ruler had to agree to these foul terms so that his people could continue to live in this world. That is, he made an exchange of human flesh from one for the other. Sad and cruel reality. And of the draconian not to speak, because if he himself is a kind of reptile that consumes human flesh: An aberrant being with whom the beings of the light of the universe do not even talk to him.

It remains to wait for the universe to do its justice, and that will happen in 15165.

© Leonardo Betetto

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