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Age and shape of the universe, with precise dates

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Spokesman: Master ALUGADTH

We must begin the subject with a very interesting concept, but not by chance it has been relegated to art, which is the subject of the golden ratio.

What is it all about?

The golden ratio consists of increasing or increasing a magnitude by a factor of 61.8033% with respect to the previous one.

Nature is based on this principle, so it is not surprising that the entire universe is based on it. In fact, it is the key to understanding it, and to knowing its history. To know where we come from, where we are and where we are going.

The most common way of representing this proportion is by means of a spiral, where the radius of each right-angled 90-degree half-circle increases with respect to the previous one in the above-mentioned proportion. Thus an ascending and descending spiral to infinity is created.

The architecture of the universe

The architecture of the universe is based on six basic values, each differing from the other by sixty golden ratios. I have called this: the golden block, and scalarly it means an increase or decrease in the order of:


Well, quite a big number, but that's what I have to use as a factor to apply a block of golden ratios. That is, if I start from one, and repeat the series for sixty times, I get this value.

So, the six values I was talking about start from a minimum elementary length for our universe, and reach a maximum at the sex value, obviously.

The first value is 1.616 x 10-35 metres. On Earth it is called the Planck length, and I have called it the elementary unit, because things do not belong to the scientists who discover them, they belong to the universe. There is nothing smaller, at least in this universe, than that length as the maximum diameter of a 3D body.

That is the size of the energy bits of the universe, and they are used to give mass, as if to encode cosmic information.

Then we have the value of 3.457 x 10-23 metres, which is the size of a sub-atomic particle.

This is followed by 7.3966 x 10-11 metres, which is the diameter of the Carbon 12 atom.

It is followed by 158.236 metres, which is the height of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and is the universal size of the pyramids. The base has an edge of 256.03 metres, i.e. the Egyptian pyramid has had a mantle of more than 20 metres removed over the millennia, and of course its purpose is hidden from us, which is to act as cosmic antennae for inter-stellar and inter-galactic communications and transport.

Then we have 5,477 x 1014 metres, which is over 328 billion kilometres, and is the diameter of a solar system, with the sun at its centre.

And finally, we have the size of the universe, which is a diameter of 177,553,778,158,711 light years.

Right now, we are in the middle of the Taurus sector, which is 162 degrees of rotation to the universe, and that is: 162,757,629,978,819 light years. Also of time, for the light year is the same for marking distance as it is for marking time.

The milky way is therefore between the arms of ELUGAH and RILAGUD, in the middle of the fixed sector of Taurus. Taurus-Libra goes together as the third angular sector, and represents building, both materially and socially.

Its ruler, the Grand Master ELUGAH is the leader of the universal and galactic masters who have remained in the cosmic order or light, and is therefore our recognised ruler, and is conducting affairs with absolute precision, until we again have peace in our milky way.

There are galactic masters, and there are galactic masters for the whole universe.

The universe is disc-shaped, and is the same as the milky way, which has a central solar lobe, eight arms, and a faint outer ring, the boundary zone between the intergalactic void and the stars of our galaxy.

Just as the universe has ten masters and twelve sectors, so it is in our galaxy and in our solar system. The system is ten by twelve, for there are two masters without spirals, and there are four masters with double sectors, which are the angular ones.

Thus, we can draw a parallel between spiral arms of the galaxy and the universe, with planets.

The shape of the universe is quite different from how local astrology puts it. They have a correlation, but they are not the same.

Below, I show you the birth chart of the universe, of the Earth, and of humanity, and it is according to the sector division of the terrestrial astrology:

Aries, AGLUN, Mars
Sagittarius, GIDARUK, jupiter
Capricorn A, JALUL, Saturn (Fixed)
Capricorn B, JALUL, Saturn (Cardinal)
Aquarius, ALUGADTH, Uranus
Taurus, ELUGA'AJ, Venus (Fixed)
Libra, ELUGA'AJ, Venus (Cardinal)
Gemini, RILAGUDTH, Mercury
Cancer A, LINUDAGH, Moon (Cardinal)
Cancer B, LINUDAGH, Moon (Fixed)
Pisces, DARULAK, Neptune
Scorpio, AGLUN, Mars

Orion belongs to Master ELUGAH

The astrological methodology is no longer to take as the centre the earth or the planet in question, and all, including the sun rotating around it. In reality, the point of the Ascendant is taken, that is, zero degrees of AGLUN, and time runs at the speed corresponding to the object treated, whether it be the whole universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the earth, the human body, etc. Everything in the universe is a zodiac by itself. Every separate object with individualisation is a zodiac, hence the correlation between the stars and events on Earth, and for people and even situations and inanimate objects.

Thus we see that new sectors appear, such as a Saturn of Fire, and fixed. Uranus turns out to be earth mutable, Mercury is as it is, air mutable, there is an air Moon, and a water Moon, then Neptune is water, as is the Earth, and then there is water Scorpio, and then fire Ares or AGLUN. All that does not change.

So, the universe begins with a single elementary unit, with a time that always travels at the speed of light, that is, 300 million metres per second. And it describes a snail, that is to say, a sphere that increases in size, but it curls up on itself, and it also turns around to meet the end with the beginning again. Thus a crescent of the toroidal type emerges in a very special way.

If we take the time to describe a diameter of the universe, we are in the middle of its age, and then it begins to contract, and describes again its diameter, therefore, the age of the universe is of the given value multiplied by two, these are:

355,107,556,317,423 years, and light years.

That is for 360 degrees of complete rotation. It is the universal year, but if we divide it by 360 we get per degree of arc:

986,409,878.66 years, light years.

And with this valuable number we can now calculate the times for each sector:

29,592,296,359.79 years, light years.

Each sector, as you can see, has a process of development for the universe, and for everything that forms an object in the universe. We go from the I am, and we end in the I destroy, that is, there is a beginning and an end. We are currently in the middle of the I build, therefore, it is time to take a stand and see what is not well done so far.

In the I build, I have the planet badly aspected Saturn at the beginning, these are:

10,845,028,610,3731 years.

At that time Saturn speaks out against the universe, and begins its action, both as impersonal universal pattern, and as universal and galactic rulers. It is in opposition to the Moon and Neptune, and in square to the Sun. That is conflict, and it is serious. In addition, there is a Mars associated with a badly aspected Sun, and that has also resulted in a great disaster, for Mars and the Sun are not compatible, more so if the Sun is badly aspected in this way. The result has been an AGLUN that is not even a human, it has chosen to be a reptile, and is the most deceitful and evil being in the universe.

Given the evil intervention of Saturn, the time from his original intervention to the present is divided into periods that last the length of his position in the universal zodiac, that is, 154 degrees.

If we give 154 degrees of universal years, we arrive at the age of the planet earth, but not because it is its beginning, as they lie to us on earth, but because it was the beginning of the earth according to the satanic creative process.

The earth begins in a bad way, Saturn takes the planet LINUDAGH which is in the asteroid belt, and throws it against the earth, thus producing a new earth and moon, and of course killing millions of humans.

Until the restoration of the whole system, which the universe does by itself, those 154 degrees have to be counted for each year, i.e. Saturn does not enjoy a 360 degree year, but will reach only 154, and in a downward spiral, until its time is up, and the universe itself cashes in the karma.

That implies that, just as we gave the value of 986 million years for each degree of the universal year, so we must take 154 degrees, and then divide it by 360, then we get the year for Saturn's work alone, or the space-time gap which he opens by acting in that violent way.

The list is as follows:

4,575,877,090.842960 years

Destruction of a billion cosmic humans inhabiting the Earth, impacting the planetoid LINUGAH, located in the Asteroid Belt, creating the Moon.

Alteration of the annual pattern from 360 days to 365 days.

Alteration of the role of Jehovah-Saturn at the cosmic level, which is to be cosmic sky background, taking the place of LINUDAGH, as midheaven, and ruler of Capricorn.

Creation of a new astrological pattern based on a new celestial body with a 30-day cycle.

Subjection of life to lunar cycles, for sexual reproduction, which must unfailingly be used in conjunction with physical death, so that there is evolution in DNA.

1,930,714,238.0864 years

Alteration of the microbiological pattern to give rise to both plant life and animal life subject to millions of alternatives, not cosmic human beings, as the universe mandates.

814,632,341.5480 years

Re-alteration using the Earth's cryogenic period of microbiological patterns adjusting according to the results generated on the planet by an aeon, or billion years.

Creation of a Cambrian period of explosion of aberrant living beings, subject to death, sex and violence.

Sex, death and violence are imputed to JALUL on Earth, the human being has nothing to do with them, beyond being a victim, of course.

343,720,390.5192 years

Reptilian creation, destined to form reptiloids like the Leviathan (crocodile), and like the ophidians or snakes, and the Comodo dragon. A cold-blooded life pattern in competition with mammals. An aberrant life pattern strictly forbidden on a cosmic level.

145,027,027.3264 years

Creation of birds. The angels are mocking parodies, for they put bird wings on human beings. It is evident that behind this there is a mockery of the human being, with a façade of love and supposed peace.

61,191,710.5743 years

The reptilian pattern gets out of control, and the dinosaurs meet their end by means of a weapon of mass destruction sent by JALUL from the Moon.

25,818,811.2384 years

Creation from mammals to the ancestor of all hominids, among which JALUL had in mind a very primitive species of human to serve his biological children.

10,893,812.3728 years

Creation of Ramapitecus, precursor homo ancestor.

4,596,460 years

Appearance of australopithecines as a failed experimental result.

1,961,794 years

Creation of the first homo ancestor, and expansion on Earth: a being without spirituality or culture, very primitive humanoid.

1,939,399 years

Creation of the second homo ancestor.

818,296 years

Creation of the third homo ancestor.

345,266 years

Creation of the fourth homo ancestor in Africa.


Creation of the last homo ancestor in Africa.

46301 BC

DARULAK created modern human

20366 BC

Incarnation of JALUL to procreate with female homo ancestor, and give rise to the male "J" pattern, currently dominant in the Middle East, Southern Europe, and South Asia.

5874 BC

Imprisonment of insectoids in Abaddon: A biological weapon, and destine them to be released within 15,000 years to devour the lineages not chosen by Jehovah. That is, those who are not his children.

Programming the lunar quantum computer so that the spirits of the insectoids will attack the bloodlines that are not their children, nor children of the dragon.

Formulation of religions to keep human beings blind.

Destruction of compromising material worldwide at the cost of millions of human lives.

9542 AC

Release of the insectoids in Europe and Asia, and blatantly declaring in the Bible that it is a Christ millennium. In reality, it is an insect dominion for a millennium, while their children are placed in privileged places on earth so as not to be harmed by such a potent physical and etheric weapon.

Charges against the dragon:

6565 BC

Draconian incarnation to give rise to the Germanic lineage, tall, blond and blue-eyed (I1).

1391 BC

Invitation to RILAGUD (Mercury) to beget a lineage destined to be the conqueror and spearhead for the conquests of the world. These are the Anglo-Saxons, the Franks, and all of Western Europe. The whole planet was subjected to genocide as a result of the onslaught of this lineage: the Indians of America, the people of Africa, Oceania and South Asia.

Creation of the Christian religion as a mockery of the deceased solar ruler, with a host to be eaten and devoured by the people, as a mockery reminiscent of how the dragon devoured the solar ruler. The racial solar aspect is also a mocking obsession with the deceased solar ruler.

Creation of the myth of Venus, Aphrodite, Inanna, Ishtar, or Asherah. Mockery of Master ELUGAH, who has no sex, and is not the ruler of war, let alone a female goddess of love and war.

Oral consumption of human flesh from 6654 BC to 10570 AD.


10479 AD

The last cycle is only 365 degrees, i.e., a full fourteenth order earth year, for the time for both Jehovah Saturn and the Dragon is over.

After the year 14455 the earth will restart, and we have over ten billion years to get to the point of downward, and begin the period of "WE ARE", that is, the cosmos will associate with each other to put things together. Then we will have the conflict of the SUN AND MARS, then Mercury, until we reach peace again by the transit of universal time by the transpersonal planets and that are in peace, these are, Venus, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter, to then finish with catastrophes our universal cycle, and then restart another one.

So is the universe, there is good and there is evil, and we go through cycles of light and darkness, and the levels are all nested and connected by time factors, where I mentioned the case of the golden spiral, it is a fundamental element.

© Leonardo Betetto

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