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Status of the regency zones of the galaxy and of the local universal sector

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAH
Spokesperson: Master ALUGADTH

SERIOUS SITUATION IN THE MILKY WAY AND LOCAL UNIVERSE: We have been affected by an evil draconian invader, and an insectoid infection that has its focus 5 billion light years away, outside the Great Attractor of Laineakea. For that the Regent Darulak, the Universal, has come. He has the means to fight them. The turn for Earth is in 11565 AC.

To the draconians and biological weapon of insectoids are added other humanoid regents, but in an anti-cosmic state or revealed to the Original Universal Order; such is the case of HALUL (JEHOVAH-SATURN).

Earth observatories say they discovered in 2013 a 100 billion light year object, never seen before.

From my knowledge they are seeing in any case an arm sector of RILAGUDTH (Mercury). That is where there are problems.

Regent DARULAK is coming from 5 billion light years away.

The mercenary who took over the LINUGAH sector is from 5 billion light years, and the DRAGON, the one who assassinated solar regent AED and regent AGLUN (Ares or Mars), came from 5.4 billion light years, more in the direction from where DARULAK arrived.

It is obvious that there is a great war in that place, on Earth some know it, and they know perfectly well the shape of the universe, but they do not make it known obviously because of the implications it has.

The THOR Movie shows that he comes from such a place, and OH surprise, he is a Germanic, tall, blond and light-eyed. It is exactly the DRACONIAN parody of the Solar Regent. The Christian solar cult also shows a blond and light-eyed Christ, when it is evident that the Hebrews were of another aspect.

© Leonardo Betetto

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