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Matrix Dark Psychology Tools

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee and Witess: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Amy

These details correspond to the cultural layer of the matrix, there are also biological and etheric factors to manipulate people. We will cite the cultural evil stratagems.

Bones: these are ideas to waste people's time. Micro ideas, and micro cultures are installed so that people consume, and debate, and waste time with these ideas that are absurd and lead to nothing, but time is wasted, and thus the matrix gains time for itself. I have called it bones, because dogs do that with bones, they chew them and play with them, but they never eat them completely, they are only entertainments.

Projectiles: are unilateral attacks to belittle gratuitously. It is used when there is no valid argumentation to support our position, therefore, we resort to launching unfounded verbal attacks against another idea or ideology, or belief system. For example, incessantly repeating "you're crazy", or "you feel enlightened", or other such crutches to undermine the reputation of the other, but without really a good counter-argument. Generally, insults, belittling, or resorting to things that are frowned upon are used to baselessly accuse the other party. For example, it has happened to me that they use the mockery on the subject of "ET" to make fun of the fact that I claim to be an "Interplanetary Master", but in reality it is normal for an ET to exist; nevertheless, they use that slogan to defame the other party, because they ran out of arguments. It is common in fanatics of religions, terrestrial science, and atheists.

Torches: similar to the bones, but with more conceptual amplitude and less reach in time. A torch is thrown to dissuade the world with ideas approximating known reality. More important concepts thrown so that everyone goes after it, and leaves the main target, and settles for a distorted and shorter version of reality.

Threats: threatening people with direct punishments or punishments if they do not consume a certain product, whether material or ideological. Religion is based on threats, especially Christianity, which threatens eternal punishment for those who do not believe in its fantasies.

Everything you say can and will be used against you, or everything you say can and will be used in your favor:

This is a kind of law of the enemy's advantage. He who is at home has the matrix in his favor, therefore, what he says will always be backed up. But the one who is against, everything he does or says will be frowned upon, and will be used to make him look bad. It is common this phenomenon in people who accuse you incessantly, and go through different accusations, and go spinning in a wheel already assembled to encompass people in a falsified and illusory way.

As a cosmic Master, so, if you say, I am a rational being of this world, they accuse you of not being a god or an immaterial being who speaks for people. If you say you are an immaterial being who speaks to people you are accused of being crazy or excessive ego, etc. However, if we say that the matrix manipulates information through the TV, there will be more argument in favor of it, and everything it has produced in its favor will come out in favor of it, and it will be justified, at least for the less awakened.

Emotional Blackmail or Illusory Recurrence: playing with the morals of others to achieve goals, as do religions, politicians and TV commercials. They put moral values mixed with something they want to sell, then people are seduced by them.

There are commercials that mix values of heroism and love for life with luxury vans, or very expensive cars. Politicians talk about high values, which they will never be able to impose or change in this world, but they offer them to people as if they will have future dominion over them if they win their elections. Religions too, all the dirty strategies of the system are contemplated by religion. Religion sells the achievement of moral objectives through obedience to its beliefs and commandments, many of them absurd.

Impossible Illusions: playing with morals, knowing that nothing will ever be achieved. It is a variant of the previous one, but in this case they are all values that will never be achieved, such as love for one's neighbor, and certain social statuses, especially on the part of politicians. They tend to sell social welfare as something accessible in the future if they rule, but that is still beyond what that civilization can achieve over time.

It is really unfortunate to see how they profit with this method, I have seen it here in Argentina being used by candidates. They use high moral values that are not accessible for the reality of humanity, and they sell themselves as future promoters and statesmen capable of changing this unfortunate reality. The worst part of the case is that people believe them, and are seduced into voting for a person who then clearly demonstrates his impotence in the face of the ups and downs of existence, and does not fulfill at all what he had promised.

Existential Dissonance: one is the reality that is officially admitted, and another is the reality that is seen in real life. This is the work of the mass media; to sow in people premeditated things, to avoid hot topics, and to divert the public's attention to certain things, when the reality says another. On religious and political realities it is used a lot. As well as in science, where it shows a distorted reality, false theories, and half information. Only by having a fair own criterion, and information from a true source, the person can see the reality by himself, and not be influenced by the media of the system. Many examples can be given, such as the issue of women's rights. Few people notice that in reality women's rights are proselytized, but there are things that women have that men do not have, but it is hidden in order to make politics with these false weights.

Scapegoating: using people or situations to unload aggression, using them as figures of something evil, when in reality the evil remains hidden, or disguised as good.

Redundancy: repeating a fact that is already the way it is in all situations, but at certain levels is exclusionary, such as the issue of anyone posting anything.

A woman in a group said in response to a post of mine that anyone can post anything on the internet. I replied as follows. Yes, and on TV they spend astronomical amounts of money for important people to publish nonsense.

Of course to see the latter is not easy, especially for the most asleep and accommodated to the system or matrix people.

False Valuation: the majority is quoted to support something, or the amounts. For example, saying that a million people follow something on the net. This may be quantitatively important as a statistic, but it may be false, or even insane.

Accusation: the man is compulsively accused in order to destroy his ego and opinion. It is very easy in situations of abuse of power, such as religions targeting people and the faithful. Telling them that they are nothing in this universe.

Loss of Value: underestimate man as a right critic and with authority to judge bad situations. For this, the fallacy of incapacity pleading is often used, that is, affirming that the person does not have the official position because he lacks the necessary capacity to think or to judge a fact, and thus the person is marginalized and diminished in this system.

Closed Circuits: like the Catholic Church with people, in terms of beliefs. People have an ingrained belief, then the ICAR takes that belief as true and correct, and then they position themselves as authorities on the matter, so that people in turn become consumers of that information; precisely specific cults.

For example: to establish the holy assumption of Mary into heaven they relied on a popular survey, and then the people to establish that this assumption is correct, then they use the opinion of the Church, which was already based on the people. That is, the technique is to use ideas from the collective unconscious to establish them as reality, and then when people need to justify them they cite the Church as the authority for it.

Conformity: erudite people who have more doubts than what they teach. For example, a former Catholic scholar, you can see his Catholic influence, said in a speech that the universe was selfish and that it was a mystery. That is casting doubts instead of giving people answers. People paid to see him in a conference, and that is spreading more uncertainty to the people.

Environment: Someone is valued as an innovator and liberator, but in reality they are an agent of the system offering alternative solutions.

Sealers: people or institutions that fix people to the matrix by selling their values as unique and supreme, e.g., TV commercials.

Fanaticism: fanaticism is instilled towards beings or things that represent the ideal, or the realization of what I will never be able to. Example: uninhibited actors, mega millionaires, sexually liberated. They can afford to break the schemes, but that people do it is frowned upon.

Stratified accusation: each being or situation is accused according to the level of celebrity or importance it has. An adulterous actor or celebrity will be seen differently than an ordinary person. There are celebrities who are morally scandalous, but they are seen as idols.

Unidirectionality, like TV: bidirectionality is only in real life and the internet, but it is mined with false information.

Absurdity: everything that is not supported by the system is considered absurd and worthless, there is no room for innovation and creativity. False Universality. it is considered that, because an elite thinks something, that is the universal truth, without really knowing that other things can exist. Superman shows ET reality as something compatible with Earth. He does not question Earth's values, but assumes that Earth's good and evil are in accordance with the cosmos. This has deceived all mankind with false values.

Ego cancellation: it is said that if someone elevates himself too much mentally or morally he is an egomaniac, when all he does is to let his ego fly with all its right. People like this are either hated, or they are taken as life models. Example, showbiz rebels. Value by Results. people criticize others according to the impact the system gives to the subject. If there is no measurable impact by the matrix, then that being is a failure. But that is not so, it can be an INNOVATION, and that takes a process of up to thousands of years.

Reduction to Fantasy: a truth is shown as fiction so that its followers are branded as crazy, of believing in fantasies, and rejecting these ideas. Example: jailander, Matrix, ET movies. There really is a plan of immortals called seist, but showing it as fiction would imply that it is a lie.

Redirectors: similar to torches, but bigger, they are for the collective unconscious to unload on a particular topic producing a great figure to redirect behaviors. For example, the devil does not exist, but makes people exhausted fighting against him.

Massification: people are put to do things for others to follow them because there are so many doing something, it may be something poorly done. But people repeat it because there are a lot of people doing it.

Denial of doubt, and endorsement of doubt: doubt is not given to someone unknown, because it is considered too generous an act, beyond how doubtful something deserves to be. Doubt is also often doubted and questioned more quickly because it is controversial. Rejection due to Complexity: if a topic takes more than 5 minutes to watch, it is rejected, such as overly detailed explanations of social problems. It comes with the sale of fast, easy and free. Easy, fast and free is in vogue.

Example: Learn the basics of English in just half an hour!

Forced segregation, and imposition of values: it is to command someone by ridiculing him or her for not belonging to certain groups, and then the person forces himself or herself to take recognized positions. People need the acceptance of the system.

Encirclement: seen in the movie THE VILLAGE. A lying apparatus is created to surround a false reality, and it turns out that the outside turns out to be the truth, and the real world.

Impossible Satisfaction: people who think otherwise are surrounded by accusations, scorn and manipulation, in order to create an encirclement around them, and force them to take certain positions.

False Dichotomy: two poles are postulated which are bones and redundancies.

False Request for Proof: people ask for proof of something that has much more logic than what, while popular, is actually false, but acknowledged. They ask for proof of intelligent creation, but blindly accept evolution by chance, which is false.

Hatred of substance for misuse: it is to proclaim hatred of matter for being the support of the evil of the system, but it is not matter that is evil, but the use to which it is put.

Sick Support of Scientific Explanation: is to put an act in less by deciphering the science behind something, it is done by psychologists and catholic priests. When in reality they use miracles as proof of their supposed veracity.

Unconsciousness: consciousness is a luxury on earth. Most of humanity acts by conditionings that it never makes conscious in its life. On a cosmic level consciousness is greater than unconsciousness.

Camouflaged Backing: The supposedly enemy parts of the system subtly back themselves without people noticing.

The last one I will cite is the use of cinema and religion: Cinema shows the truth, with some touch of fantasy to confuse people. And religion shows the lie as if it were the truth. For example, the Thor saga. It shows that a cosmic being comes from another place in the universe to act on earth against an enemy. That is reality.

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