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The draconians behind Christianity as a solar cult

Christ never existed

A reality that we must accept and face once and for all is that Christ, or Jesus Christ did not exist. He is an invention after the second century of the common era. That is why we have from the second to the fourth century all kinds of writings, where different Christs are denoted, each version says something different, and, in fact, there are only scraps of manuscripts, there is no real written history, and something moderately reliable about it. Clearly, the Christ was imposed by faith, by force.

The first to do this was Constantine, the Emperor of Rome, who in 325 called a council to lay the foundations of this new religion. Constantine made his soldiers, worshippers of the sun Mithras, now worship a new god called Christ Jesus. They try to demonstrate that this being really had a concrete history, but they are still speculations and myths. The reason for the invention has to do with a dark draconian agenda, which promotes a solar religion on every planet they live on, and of course the earth is no exception.

More about the origin of the solar cult

As I was saying, Christ is pure solar worship. It is denoted only in the date of its celebration, December 25. That date is when the Unconquered One is born. Sunday and Christian Easter are also solar dates, they have nothing to do with the Jewish calendar.

If you look at the Christian instruments of worship they are all solar symbols, including the host, which is a circle with a cross through it, and that is one hundred percent solar worship.

The draconians do several things at once with this cult. They killed the local galactic solar regent, and they also killed Ares, cosmically called ENIL.

On a universal level, the Arian Regent has developed an unhealthy hatred for the sun, with which they are in astrological conjunction. That is why they go killing solar regents, and then they invented a religion to mock him, and to assign him a role he does not have, and something he would never ask for. The cosmic regents who are in the light would never ask for worship, as Jehovah does on this planet.

Jehovah is a cosmic being who has made himself worship by force, and that is something twisted and corrupt. The draconians are evil enough to create a cult with the object they murdered, and also to engender a human race of the solar type, which are the Germanic and Nordic. It is evident that this draconian being is sick with envy and hatred towards the solar ruler. Such evil is so great that it is a challenge just to understand it.

Talking to dolls

The Papacy, a man who claims to be the solar god himself on earth, not only gives no signs of any kind of supernatural power, as the Bible says that only mere believers would have, that is, the ability to perform miracles. Not only does he not perform miracles, but on top of that, when he asks for humanity to the solar god, he does it in front of a wooden doll, where there is a disgusting and abject scene of a human hanging from a wood in eternal torment.

It is in the broad sense all a great mockery of the being hanging on the wood, what he represents, and the believers. To put a dead god hanging with nails on a cross is an explicit symbol of a dead, impotent and absent god. The draconians must take great joy in the fact that people believe this could be real. The worst thing is that people support this, and the papacy has no face to make such nonsense in front of millions of people.

The argument they give, which is that Christ gave himself to death for sins, has not the slightest support in the Bible, in fact, it says the opposite. It states emphatically that whoever sins, that individual must die. No one can die for the sins and faults of others.

The Jewish attitude

The Jews rightly hate Christ, and make it clear that he is not their god, for they too have an abomination for a god, the famous Jehovah or Yahweh. The Christian argument has been mounted on a Jewish background, and that outrages the Jews, from a property point of view it is obvious that you can not react otherwise.

The inventors of Christianity did this to take power away from the god Jehovah, to mock the universal Solar Ruler, and for that they have artificially pasted such a New Testament in the compendium called Bible.

The Jews simply keep to their creed, and away from the missionaries, although in this century a Jewish sect has arisen called the Nazarene Jews, who are Jews who accept Jesus or Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. They suffer from the contempt of the most orthodox Jews, because they know well that a Messiah is an anointed being who is Jewish and who comes to reign over Israel. Nothing to do with what the New Testament shows about Christ or the Messiah.


In the Gospel of John we see the command of Christ to eat his body, and to drink his blood. That indication gives origin to the Christian cult of the consumption of bread and wine supposedly converted into the body and blood of Christ to be consumed orally.

That is to say, they supposedly convert bread and wine into flesh and blood, and they eat it.

Needless to clarify the infinite aberrancy and perversion of this act, something so abject that it is even difficult to imagine that something so evil goes so far, to the point that people are usually massively deceived.

A real mockery of the Solar Regent, not only have they nailed him to a wood as a sacrifice, and make him worship, but on top of that they make him eat and drink. And if what has been said was not enough, it is absolutely a lie and a fraud that they change bread and wine into flesh and blood, as this religion deceitfully and perversely affirms.

In the Jewish cult of the Old Testament, it is indicated to consume sacrifices on behalf of the priests, but that has nothing to do with the theophagic act. It is about animal sacrifices, which does not make it less serious, because they are living beings like us, but they have a lot of commandments and conditions to do these aberrant acts.

That on earth it has been accepted as commonplace to sacrifice living beings in the name of gods, is something that has to die in the future, in the short term, for such an abomination cannot be expected. It is not only aberrant against the Solar Regent, but against all forms of life.

Genealogy of Jesus Christ

The New Testament is stuck with water in the Old, in fact, the Jews call the old TANAKH, since old is an inadequate word to name it, according to them and their beliefs.

The genealogy of Christ is a myth, and also the biological father of Christ was the same god, therefore, not even believing in that book we can admit that he is a descendant of David. Joseph, according to the book, was the son of David, but let us not forget that Christians see with great tenderness how Joseph raised the child born who was actually the son of adultery between Mary and the Holy Spirit. Adultery, because Joseph and Mary were husband and wife.

Another great lying maneuver is the supposed prophecy where it says:

"Out of Egypt I called my son."

And the NT applies it to Jesus, but in reality the original Hebrew prophecy refers to Israel as son. In general, Christianity has used Israel as the object to be replaced in the New Testament, that method is the one they have used, and it has resulted in great religious confusion.

Another point I want to highlight is the issue of the treatment of animals. The Old Testament says that God did everything right. But the New Testament disregards and underestimates dogs, snakes, scorpions and pigs. You can tell that the source of both treatises is opposite, they can't hide it from people like me, who have studied the bible in Hebrew and Greek for 15 years.

The last point I will consider, and there are several more, is the issue of SWEARING. The old testament commands swearing in the name of Jehovah, but the new testament strictly forbids swearing, which again betrays both treatises with different divine sources.

I do not want to leave out the fact that they involve the actual guardian of the milky way where Jesus says in Revelation that he is the morning star. That star is the planet venus. But the master is venus at the galactic level, which is actually called ELUGAH, and has nothing to do neither with Christ, nor with a woman, because on earth venus is considered a feminine being. Therefore, let them keep that lie wherever they like, because as the saying goes: lies have short legs.

Physical evidence of an enemy background between Judaism and Christianity

There is a real and undeniable fact in history that indicates the enmity and being different sources of both religions. Babylon was a solar seat, that is why Christianity is so similar to the Babylonian religion. And jehovah completely destroyed that city. On the contrary, the Jews residing in Europe were massacred, because Hitler was the incarnation of the draconian, and the Jews were taking over Europe, which is a draconian territory.

There are documentaries that say that the papacy wanted to finish with Hitler, but that is a blatant lie, because Hitler gave orders to the papacy, because Hitler was the head of Christianity. That documentary and that argument is false, the Catholic Church never even tried to touch a hair on Hitler's head.

Nullification of the law

Christians insist that the Old Testament law was abolished by Christ. That is politically a perfect maneuver to justify the abandonment of the commandments of jehovah. Jews know this, that is why they hate Christianity.

Lies of miracles

The miracles attributed to biblical characters are just stories and lies. In fact, the book of John and the book of Mark say that believers would perform miracles greater than those of Jesus himself. But the miracles that are mentioned are conspicuous by their absence, therefore, the bible again shows itself to be a lying treatise.

Evocation of the dead

Jehovah forbids evoking the dead, for he knows that those in the astral plane are not the dead, but insectoid spirits or demons. However, Christianity commands praying to deceased saints for things, which is a great contradiction of the above commandment. It is simple, Christianity wants us to come in contact with astral insectoids, and that is obviously a great evil towards people.


One of the tools of the bible is fear. You make someone afraid, and you will get what you want from that person. That is why the bible lives by threatening unbelievers that eternal death or hell awaits them. A real filth what they do with people's souls. The aberration of faith

Another important value in the bible, especially the NT, is the perversion of faith. Faith is accepting something without knowing if it even exists. That is why the bible is a mental destroyer, because every human has a healthy right to question about things.

It also promotes low self-esteem, because Christianity teaches that one should despise oneself. It is something really very bad for people's mental health.

It is not for nothing that Christianity has taken root more than anything else in Latin America, because it is a sector of people not loved by the elites. Christianity handles a lot of energy from the astral plane, hence the experiences with demons and altered states of consciousness, which the theocrats interpret as the action of such a holy spirit.

© Leonardo Betetto

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