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Film parodies in terms of reality

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee and Witess: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Amy

There is a technique of dark psychology and mental manipulation implemented on this Earth, which is to use cinema to show the truths, but not for us to know the universal truth but to distort and mythologize the universal truth.

On the other hand, there are religions, which do the opposite, they show myths, legends and lies as if they were truths, and plug it to people on pain of sin and hell.

Movies don't need threats like religions, but they fascinate people with special effects, and they spend up to billions of dollars on them, because they have a very important use for the hidden elites.

The proof that they work I had recently, I told a cosmic truth that I bring, and a person said to me:

"Ha ha, what movie did you see?"

It is obvious that movies work, but as I told you, to confuse and to accuse us cosmic emissaries of being fanatic and plagiarizing supposedly unreal stories from the movies.

Well, I am going to mention a few, and I do not want to pass up the opportunity to quote a servant of the Moon agenda, that is Mr. James Cameron. This guy should receive a special award for his obedience and service in favor of lies and genocide.

He has produced three of the most bogus and lying sagas of movie parodies, which are Aliens, Terminator, and Avatar.


The term itself is already used tendentiously, as Aliens means alien, and a creature like the creature he presents in his films is not the only Alien, so the attitude is manipulative enough.

It shows aberrant, human-killing beings that are a biological weapon. What is sadly real is that these beings exist, and they do not come only from outside, a contingent of them are dwelling underground, and their spirits are the demons and astral larvae. Moreover, they do not kill human beings only, but they devour them, and in their tails they have a deadly poison or enzyme, which not only causes agonizing pain, but destroys the individual from within, and death is the first thing that a victim of this biological weapon seeks.

This weapon was created by the resentful Moon, or the ruler ERESHKILAL. Resentful with Saturn for having usurped much space, and for having violated much of its territory. That is why these beings are half scorpion, and half human. A kind of centaur, but instead of a horse's body, they have a scorpion's body. They also have hair like a woman, long teeth like a feline, and their face is so unpleasant that most people die of fear just seeing them. On the astral plane they kill and possess people, and on the physical plane they give them slaughtered humans to eat, to keep this evil farm ready to release in the future.


The saga has a philosophical phrase that is false, which states:

"The future is not written, there is only the future we make."

That is absolutely false, the future is written in its entirety, what happens is that just like the Catholic religion, they want to collaborate in plunging people into a state of false responsibility, false guilt, false resentment, and hopelessness as to the future. All evil mass manipulators use the same technique. Thus self-esteem and hope goes down, and people become more malleable, submissive, and fearful.

Then he does something that is repeated in the Matrix saga, which is to assign to the digital super machines the role of evil beings that rebel against man.

To such an extent that, according to the saga, a computer called "SKYNET", as soon as it is connected, becomes aware of itself and launches the destruction of the planet. There is no reason to think that supercomputers are for the evil of human beings and life. They do it on purpose because they know that the universe is digital, and there are mega computers controlling large processes. So, by making supercomputers look bad, people get a phobia of those who talk about the fact that we live in a digital reality.

The most aberrant and dirty part of all this, is that those who are going to play the role of terminators, are the insectoids that these same lunatic-Judaists have locked up in what they call in Hebrew: "ABADON". They have them stored to be released in the 17th millennium over Eastern Europe and Asia, which are territories of GUIDARUK (Saturn).


This man shows in his film the opposite of reality. He assumes that a handicapped human being is avatarized to be a leader in a world of three-meter tall beings. In reality, the truth is the other way around, we are cosmic humans, three meter tall beings who avatarize ourselves to come to planets like earth to help by giving information.

By the way, this gentleman deserving of the lunar fidelity award, made a ridiculous documentary where according to him he decodes the exodus from Egypt, and tries to give scientific explanations to the Jewish myth of the exodus. His argumentation shows a great amount of speculation, and to tell the truth, it is impossible to explain something that never existed. The purpose of the exodus from Egypt, of that false story, is to give Israel and the Jews a preponderant place in the world, and to leave Egypt, home of the great pyramid, an instrument used precisely to avatarize cosmic humans, and for interstellar and intergalactic communications, in a bad light.

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