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The Deceptive Mimicry of the Catholic Church

Author: Master Alugadth

The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church claims mediation in everything it can to gain power over the world.

The Pope and his clergy are indisputably a very large religious contingent in our society. They number in the thousands and thousands, and have more than half a million buildings around the world. It is a very wealthy institution, they are tax exempt, and they even receive money from government institutions, such as subsidies according to the number of baptisms.

It is surprising that the Pope and his people are a similar or analogous replica of what is on the planet of Master ELUGAH.

1. They wear white.

2. They have a city of their own, with large stone structures.

3. They are all male.

4. They claim a protectorate or guardian function.

Well this is exactly what the Master and His Council are, i.e. Cosmic Humans. We have a Lord of Host, and many associated with His Regency.

There are stone pyramids, and many other constructions.

If this council exists on the planet SEISTH, it is strange that on Earth there is another one, considering that they depend on the protectorate of Christ. Either the one on SEISTH is false, or the one on Earth is an illegitimate impersonation, which indeed it is, for CHRIST is the Sun with his Twelve Apostles. And the papacy claims to be the Apostle Peter leading the Church.

If you ask the Pope and his curia if they have seen the Christ or the "Solar God", they will say no, and if they say yes, they are lying. He has never appeared to them. And so the question arises, if they have so much power and authority in the name of the Lord.... How is it that they have not seen him? At a glance there is something wrong. In fact, the title of the Pope and his curia is that of "Vicars of Christ", that is, they replace Christ in his absence on Earth, which is unheard of, for one cannot replace a being who is present on Earth in spirit, supposedly. That is, they have not seen the Lord, which shows a supposedly powerless Lord who is absent from their sight, and on the other hand they replace a Lord who is so powerful that He is present in spirit, and cannot be absent.

By both ways we see and demonstrate in turn that they are clearly anti-Lord supplanters. They take all believers by the hand, which brings for them a double benefit. On the one hand, the state must give them more and more resources to embrace society, and on the other hand they gain power by including everyone in their media pretensions.

The religious trend of inclusion

Not to be mistaken, the majority and dominant religion, such as Catholicism, does not necessarily exclude those things that are not in its favor. It is very astute, it has sophisticated, cunning and crafty techniques of spiritual mimicry. Thus in fact this religion was born; at least that is how it is told: She absorbed a Christianity that she could not control, so that she became a Christian, and then she began to control and subjugate as an entity already Christian in all its essence. So it does, and so it has done throughout history, as, for example, in America, new Virgins were created, such as Guadalupe, and new saints, in order to cover the empty spaces left by the cults of different gods in this continent.

In Europe they had already done the same in the Middle Ages with some saints, such as Saint Bridgit. It is a Christianization of the British goddess Bridgit; and so on and so forth in everything.

If you present a novelty they can take three different paths:

1. Demonize your activity, put it in the status of revelation of demons, as they have done, for example, with what supposedly happened with the prophet Smith, from the USA. They quote the Bible to demonstrate that the prophet was the victim of a diabolical deception, but when it comes to the Marian apparitions and other lying prodigies, they say that it is indeed their god who is acting. It is very deceitful this organization, and they use all these psychological ploys to gain ground, or keep it.

I have seen them say that many preachers who are not Catholics and claim to have divine revelation, are according to them deceptions of the devil. They even say that the supposed arrogance of these prophets indicates that they have been deceived by a skillful devil who knows how to take advantage of human weaknesses, because when they present themselves before these prophets, they would make them vain in their behavior as spiritual leaders.

It is surprising that Catholics say this, considering that they have enviable mediatic faculties, such as this supposed Vicariate of Christ, and the most devout people do not do anything without first consulting a priest.

2. They underestimate their manifestation, that is, they say that what happens in the spiritual phenomenon in question is the result of some psychic, physical and scientifically explained manifestation. For example, in a matter they have no control over, which is astral detachments. They underestimate the phenomenon by saying that the brain changes its functioning during the night that these phenomena occur. That is to say, by citing science, they try to reduce the phenomenon to something material and scientific, and thus the subject remains as a minor phenomenon. This maneuver is necessary for their iniquity, because the problem is that they cannot claim mediation in the subject of astral travel. Evidently, that is why they underestimate it, to downplay its importance.

3. The final thing is that if a phenomenon is already out of their control, and they have no choice but to accept that it happens as a reality, what they do is to accept it. With time, very slowly they absorb the practice, until in the end they proclaim themselves to be mediators in the process. They are very cunning and manipulative. The birth of such a religion already has this tessitura.

© Leonardo Betetto

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