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The veracity of astrology is statistically proven

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee and Witness: Leonardo Betetto
Voice of: Amy

A statistic was done on 10,000 school children, and the result was surprising.

I am a programmer and statistician for the government, and 26 years ago, in 1995, a weight and height census was done on a sample of 10,000 school children.

I made the software for the nutritional diagnosis, and I also elaborated the statistics, and I took the opportunity to experiment with certain topics.

I determined the distribution of overweight by zodiac sign, and I was surprised to see that the highest overweight corresponded to the sign of Libra, and the lowest overweight to the sign of Aries, its opposite and complementary.

In astrology this phenomenon is common, because what one sign has is what the opposite sign lacks. This is a principle of duality in astrology, as in the whole universe, there is a duality.

This cannot be a coincidence. That something is in a sample of ten people may be, but in the case of many companies that do censuses, they are based on samples of 1500 to 3500 individuals, for example.

And yet they publish their statistics to society as something sustainable and verified, or at least as something susceptible to be accepted, or at least with a very large benefit of the doubt.

I counted on a database of 10 thousand people, therefore, what I obtained can in no way be a coincidence.

The Libra sign is an air sign, and is intellectual rather than physical, and likes pleasure very much because of its rulership. Eating is obviously a pleasure, and he is no stranger to this theme.

Aries, on the contrary, its opposite and complementary sign, is physically very active, and burns more calories, it is a fire sign and cardinal.

I publish this, first of all, for the pleasure of disseminating information, of course, and also for the fact that we live in a world where people believe or do not believe, not that they corroborate or do not corroborate. And one of the beliefs is whether they will accept astrology or not. There are people who underestimate what they don't understand without even corroboration about it.

It is of a conclusive evidential level a sample of 10 thousand individuals, whose conceptual patterns are corroborated.

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