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Humans used to create biological weapons

I sleep at night, and suddenly a vision of Venerable ELUGAK comes to me.

I am on the farm, in the sector of the house adjoining the corrals.

A woman from the family talks to me: She is Aunt Dora, and I see a shed where two hands from the sides do things. They are rather black hands.

Another woman, with a large black spider placed on her belly, tells me: Oh, I feel much better.

Time passes, and the woman begins to have tubercles not only on her torso, but also on her face, her whole self is deformed by a being that grows inside her.

She finally lies in a terminal state on a hospital bed, in an operating room.

I see a doctor approaching, but she gets blood on her face before reaching the scene.


As I always say, the cinema shows truth as fiction, and for various purposes. It is a process of dark psychology, where fiction begins to be considered fantasy, and if someone tells it as reality they are treated as a liar and a fantasy. I've seen this dirty technique work.

The area of ​​the farm indicates that we are talking about not far from Earth, about 3 thousand light years counterclockwise from the solar system, and towards the outside of the Sector, arm of Mars or Ares, where there are millions of stars.

It is denoted that a woman receives a medical treatment that supposedly cures an ailment, and feels better, but in reality a zygote or similar is implanted in her so that it grows in her like a parasite, which finally, when it develops, ends up destroying her life.

Aunt Dora was a Libra, and represents the ruler of the Venus Sector of the Milky Way, who abandoned his position by surrendering to the evil Ereshkilal and the reptiles.

This is the modus operandi of biological weapons. The color of the hand corresponds to the person who in symbols is a reptilian ruler.

Unfortunate reality, but reality at last.

Thank you Master ELUGAK for the Vision.

What is the point of knowing this from a place so far away?

People do not know that one day they will die, and will incarnate in a place they do not know, because they are not aware of what happens after leaving this world. Being aware will lead us to refuse to incarnate until the universe takes another course in the future, since it is evident that the circumstances are not very good at this time.

It is also important to know that planets with evil agendas use false promises of life, or sexual seduction to trip people up, and leave them incarnated.

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