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AFRICA: The last resort, and for some

Source: Master ELUGAK
Contactee: Leonardo Betetto
Nov. 8 and 9, 2022

Vision on behalf of Venerable ELUGAK.

I see Anglo-Saxon, German and French people living together with a culture fused with people of color. It is a place of much jungle and forests.

The Europeans have changed their way of life, and have become low tech. There are no resources, and they live in a similar state to the current inhabitants of that continent.

I look out towards a water channel, where there are signs with lights. It is a dangerous place.


In the year 12016 the insectoids that are reserved for that time will be released from the Caucasus.

They will come out of the SARIKUM dune in Dagestan. There they are locked up, and they are fed with people from the center of Africa, through an obscure human trafficking.

The cause is that the insectoid attack is pending for thousands of years, so acts the Moon in the cosmic war, launches insects against people.

The Germanic Europeans will be allowed to inhabit Africa, and they will have to change their styles and customs completely.

The canal with the signs is the area of the Suez Canal, which will be enlarged and become the limit zone of life.

The plague will last 1166 years, and then humanity will be able to reorganize itself, of course those who are left, which are obviously already certain predetermined lineages. Life will continue, but not for all.

In the rest of the world there will remain the Moon lineage, the dominant female, which encompasses Jews, mobsters, cannibals, and sorcerers. The insectoids were created by the lunar ruler, therefore their lineage will have priority.

Thus the world will be configured for the new cycle, which will begin in 15 thousand years.

Thank you venerable ELUGAK for the vision and prophecy.

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