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About the Masters

Venerable Guardian ELUGAH

Master ELUGAH - Venerable Ruler of the Milky Way and Ruler of the Taurus-Libra Sector.

Master ELUGAH has been for thousands of years the Ruler of our Local Galaxy. The Venerable Regent AED, or Solar Regent is no longer with us, so of the five Masters of Light he is our Guide and our Help. He is also the Administrator and Master General of the cosmic people or people of light, more than 600 million planets in our Galaxy.

He has been defamed as Venus or Aphrodite on Earth, also as Christ. Master ELUGAH has no sex, and has nothing to do with sex, and nothing to do with war, because the goddess Venus is associated with sex and also with war. Master ELUGAH also has nothing to do with the regency of war.

The Venerable Master is originally the Ruler of the sector of the I BUILD (Taurus), and of the WE ARE (Libra). That is to say, his regency is constructive, both material and social at the galactic level.


He rules the Aquarius sector. Incarnated on Earth since 1970, he has voluntarily come to this world, under the guidance and protectorate of the Venerable Master ELUGAH, in order to give information and prophecies in a world where everything conspires not to give you any of those things.

Leonardo Betetto is a theologian, biblical scholar, master of Chinese martial arts, musician, scientific disseminator, and of course, astrologer and prophet.

He has gone through all religions and beliefs, and experiences of the spiritual type, so he can give you his concept of each particular case, and clear your doubts.

Other Masters of the Milky Way who are in the light


Known on Earth as Jupiter, he rules the second sector of the Milky Way.

Master DUDAH

Known on Earth as Pluto, he rules the outer ring of the galaxy.

Special mention to Venerable Universal Master DARULAK

The Universal Master rules the corresponding sector, but at the level of the Universe, so the responsibility and area of action is much larger than the local galaxy. He has come to our galaxy to put an end to the insectoid infection, which has started about 5.0 billion light years from our galaxy, in the arm of RILAGUD (Mercury).

© Leonardo Betetto

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