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About the Venerable Master ELUGAK

Greetings ...

My name is Leonardo Betetto, and I am a disciple of the Venerable Master ELUGAK, a Cosmic Human who has always been sustained in the light.

ELUGAK is the cosmic denomination for what in the Solar System is understood as Venus. But she is not a woman, nor is she the goddess of love and war. She is a cosmic human, that is to say, she has immortality, no sexuality, is three and a half meters tall, has a somewhat elongated skull, and is a vegan. He uses pyramids to contact the universe, since that is what they are built for, and that is what they are used for.

Our Milky Way is in turn the Great Local Group of galaxies, which has a diameter of 2.43 billion light years. With the Master we inhabit a planet called SEISTH, which is 64,000 light years from Earth, across the disk, in the Mercury Sector, and in the arm of Uranus. On Earth, we are in the middle of the Jupiter Sector, that is, exactly on the opposite side.

The Master wants to give you information that these local dictators will never give you, and that is why the Master speaks today, at this time, when the Earth is at the dawn of hard times. We have come to the end of Earth's current era, and in 17970 it restarts in pursuit of profound changes for the coming era.

This information includes science, prophecies, our true history, agendas, and something as or more important than the past and the future, which is the present, i.e., it is also important to know the current reality, not to be attentive to what the future will be, when in defifnitively we do not even know the present.

Naturally, with dictators at the helm who do not wish to give us the truth, the truth has to be directly put to us by people coming from outside, and with sources outside the Earth, and the power to do so without being eliminated in the attempt, naturally. The Master has access to higher authorities than the Milky Way, so they cannot destroy us, nor can they override our work.

May it be the beginning of great knowledge sharing, and a great awakening!

Appearance of Master ELUGAK


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