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More than 50 things you may not have known about the Bible

Author: Master Leonardo Betetto

After reading this you will not look at this cursed book the same way.

After knowing these things you will see how harmful this book is.

1. No history

It is said that the events narrated in the Bible are historical. But even biblical scholars admit this, it is a matter of faith, a forced imposed belief. There are facts that are absolutely mythical, fantasies invented by we do not really know who.

2. Unknown authors

Although it may seem incredible, the authors of each book of the Bible are not known. It is said that the Pentateuch was written by Moses, but we do not even know if Moses existed. They also say that each prophet wrote his book, but we do not know if they wrote those books at all. Neither do we know the authors of the New Testament, although the hysterical biblical scholars will defend tooth and nail that it is about each of the above mentioned supposed authors.

3. Variety included by convention

There are dozens of books not included in the Bible, and the reasons are partial, that is, their content was not convenient to the system of the moment. Therefore, a canon was assembled to suit the thinking that the ruling elite wanted to impose. There are books, such as that of Enoch, which was always considered canonical by the Ethiopian Church; but in the rest of the West those who read it were cursed. And so there are dozens. Recently the Gospel of Thomas was discovered, and there we realize the reasons for the persecution of the Gnostics, for they knew that Jehovah was evil, and they knew that the world was a matrix or a false system. Those two items are tremendously repressed in history, and of course even today.

4. No science

The Bible is taken literally as a treatise on the knowledge of truth seen as science, but that is not so. The Genesis account puts the stars as creation after the Earth, and that is absolutely false, it is the other way around. Therefore, those who depend on this book to do science are condemned to ignorance and error.

It is also said, for example, that Yeshua or Joshua stopped the sun, and that would have been inertially something disastrous for the Earth. But of course, at that time they did not know that it is not the Sun that rotates, but the Earth, and that shows the ignorance of the author of that mystical and fanciful story.

5. Blocking of critical and rational thinking

The Bible affirms that conventional science is bad, and incomplete, and yet the crazy things the Bible says are truths of its supposed omnipotent gods. This is very harmful to the wisdom of man, for to assume that science is bad, and that the bible is true, destroys the possibility of the person to study science and to know the great universal truths; and also makes him mentally immature, for they assume that a donkey can talk, or that money can come out of the mouth of a fish. People are left in perpetual ignorance, and on top of that in fear of science or phobia, for they are afraid of not being blamed by their gods for failing in their faith.

6. The trader's fallacy: guilt and salvation

The Bible says that the guilt of evil on earth is man's, and of an invented being called the devil. Then they accuse man of all the evil that he and the whole earth have, and that they have to appear before Jehovah or Christ to be forgiven. To all this, if Jehovah or Christ really feels like it. In other words, they make you responsible for something that is the fault of the creators themselves. They put your self-esteem on the floor, and then they make you a slave of this Jehovah or Christ to be their perpetual sheep.

7. False foundation: sins and uncertain death

The paradigm of the imperfect man, who comes to Earth to suffer and pay for his sins is a false ideal, and death is also placed in a level of uncertainty about the destiny of the consciences. And to hide is to manipulate, because the information makes the person conscious and awake.

8. Incorrect mysticism

Mysticism is a magical and artistic way of seeing reality. The bad thing is not to make art with reality, the issue is to create falsehoods using that artistic expression. Reality is even magical in some cases, but we must know and know our limits to apply tools to define the things that exist.

The bible uses mysticism to describe a distorted view of reality.

An example of the misuse of mysticism is the resurrection of the dead; a meaningless fact that neither Jehovah nor Christ intend to apply at all to people. Something unrealistic and false.

9. Dogmas

Dogma is to be obliged to accept principles without any critical attitude and a decision on whether to accept that principle or not. Fear is used to impose these ideas, for example, eternal punishment or eternal perdition. There were even times when physical force was used directly.

10. Codes, enigmas and mysteries.

The bible gives information in coded form, and by means of confusing allegories. That is not necessarily bad, if it is not given to consume the people directly. In between the prophet has to write everything decoded so that it is understood, and so that there is no room for misinterpretation. The bible does this for two reasons: first because it lies, and therefore ambiguity is important for this book, and second to create divisions, when it itself condemns divisions. But as the saying goes: divide and rule.

11. Political and social projects

The biblical prophets do not give prophecies and universal knowledge; they do not do that at all. They give political projects of cosmic beings who did things wrong. The Galactic Masters give information at local, interstellar, galactic, universal and multiversal levels, with all the letters, and even with science. The biblical prophet only gives form to threats and short-term socio-political plans. He is just one more entity in the use of Jehovah and Christ of violence, ignorance and fear to control people through religion, mystery, the occult, the enigmatic and the dark.

12. No prophecies

The Hebrew prophets are not prophets. They give information about socio-political plans, but they are not really givers of relevant universal information, which remains hidden to the people of Earth.

13. Obscene language

The bible uses horrendous and disgusting terms to draw analogies and give qualifiers, such as comparing abundance to the ejaculation of a horse. An unclean thing to be used in a supposedly elevated language and for everyone.

14. Violent, misanthropic, and criminal attitude

The whole Bible is a permanent hostile attitude towards humans: genocidal, slave-owning and dominating by force. Israel is placed as a firstborn at the cost of the lives of millions of people, and horrendous animal sacrifices. Jehovah even gives commandments on how to kill people on a massive scale, from around Israel.

15. Forced worship

Jehovah or Christ give no options, they repeat over and over again that they are the only god, and whoever does not worship only them (separately, obviously) will be killed. That is a threat and a violent, brutal and abject coercion.

16. Two different treatises, with different objectives and different gods

It is said that the New Testament completes and fulfills the supposed Old Testament. That is false, the Old Testament has a teaching, and the god Jehovah, and the new one has another totally different one, the god Christ, glued one to the other in a forced and artificial way, as is the whole Bible. One treatise has Israel as a people, with 12 tribes, with commandments on how to live in this world. The other treatise speaks of eternal life and the resurrection of the dead, and of faith in another different god called Christ, with his 12 apostles.

17. Extreme perversity

The Bible speaks of how Jehovah predicts that his people will eat their children, and of unspeakable acts of violence and revenge. If it were not the Bible, the system would have prohibited that book for being undeliverable to the people, and for being dangerous for the mental health.

18. I despise the animal

The Bible says that everything that Jehovah made was well made, and then belittles dogs, pigs, snakes and scorpions, putting them as an analogy and allegory of sinful people, and demons. In other words, Jehovah creates things and then belittles them. This speaks of a deeply evil and disturbed being.

19. Denial of the soul

The Bible hides the life after death, and the re-incarnation, something very common in this world, and it is something perversely handled, and by a computer. That is why the less people know about those subjects, for Jehovah and Christ the better. Or if they know something, let them know it from other distorted sources as well, like the karma issue in the East.

20. Fantastic and unrealizable proposals

The aforementioned resurrection of the dead, the stopping of the Sun, that a donkey can talk, that all the animals of the earth fit in one ark, or that on the fourth day the stars will just appear, these are just a few examples of shamefully false things that the famous Bible rubs in our faces, when if they were from another source they would be treated as crazy and rejected completely. In fact, the Masters give cosmic and even multiversal information using science, and we are told that we speak fantasies, and even paradoxically the believers of the Bible treat us as crazy and demoniacs.

21. Miracles are falsehoods

Miracles are fantastic events that result from altering normal reality. This is a hostile travesty and disrespectful to the Higher Beings, for the really powerful Beings of that universe use reality for Their ends, therefore Jehovah and Christ are determined to show reality as something susceptible of being improved by supernatural alterations of it.

22. Facts codified in excess

The excess and abuse of rhetorical figures, allegories and codes is a way to catch people's attention without even reliable information. Only in the manner of a bone for a dog; so that it is entertained trying to understand what was meant, if anything meaningful was meant.

23. Incoherencies, like the stars on the fourth day, and stopping the Sun

The biblical miracles are clearly violations of the natural laws that universal beings have established for the universe. But these gods are at odds with them, so they make use and abuse of existential inconsistencies to make the true Advanced Beings of the multiverse, and of this same galaxy and universe, look bad.

24. Instigation to slavery, war, and genocide

The Bible supports slavery, gives commandments to regulate it, enslaves people, commands the killing of men, women, children and old people and animals alike. It is a treatise of serial killers, I repeat, if that book were not the bible, it would surely have been stigmatized and banned as totally unhealthy for the community health.

25. Absurd Puritanism

On the one hand, the Bible supports incestuous acts, and on the other hand, it forbids a widow to remarry. A senseless and totally contradictory and perverse attitude from every point of view. In fact, it orders to kill the woman who is not found to be a virgin in marriage. Something criminal on all four sides. But the famous Paul says that the widow should stay as she is.

26. Animal contempt with absurd kosher rules

The consumption of animals is something aberrant at the cosmic level. That is what plant life was created for. It contains everything that a non-plant living being needs to live. But on earth, the gods made life for some to eat others, and that is a vile and evil act. There is no worse evil than that which creates a sentient being to live by eating another sentient being.

27. Unrealistic criminal commandments, and not fulfilled today

The Bible commands to kill gays, fortune tellers, zoophiles, owners of murderous animals, and adulterers. Not only that they are criminal commandments, but on top of that people who claim to believe and respect the bible do not keep those commandments. This is contradictory and hypocritical from every point of view.

28. Partiality with certain people

The Bible over esteems Israel and its benefactors, or failing that the believing Christians, and condemns to death other people, which shows the genetic background of Jehovah's paternity, and the conspiratorial background of the Sun or Christ; something they hide at all costs. Yet they accuse such Watchers of consorting with women, when they themselves did it.

29. Unjustified and perverse infanticide

In one passage, it relates how Jehovah kills the son of an adultery between David and Bethzabe. That is to say, instead of killing David for his sin, he killed the innocent baby, and on top of that, for making Jehovah's name look bad. A perfect criminal, this Jehovah.

30. Sacrifices of living beings, and even human beings

In the Second Book of Samuel it is related how Jehovah accepts the sacrifice of seven sons of Saul to appease his wrath against Israel. When the same bible says that Jehovah hates the spilling hands of innocent blood. That is to say, he hates that the others do what he gives himself the luxury of doing ... But can one be more evil than this guy?

31. On the valuation of faith

The Bible gives a fundamental position to faith, that is, to believe things without having known them in reality. That is, an irrational act in favor of the lies told in the Bible. Another perverse act imputed to Jehovah and the evil gods.

32. Sealing of the conscience

The Bible seals the person to live only on it as spiritual food. If someone brings another science they say it is from the god of this world, an invented being called: Devil or Satan. Thus people, generally of low to very low level of education, become biblically dependent, and never leave the nonsense that it says.

33. Open contradictions

In the bible, in spite of the fact that we are told that it is perfect, and that it is inspired by a true god, it has flagrant contradictions, as for example, the old testament orders to swear by Jehovah, and the new testament orders not to swear by anything. Obviously Jehovah and Christ are different gods.

34. Anachronism

The facts of the Bible are diffusely placed in history, that is why the biblical fanatics give the world a life of six thousand years, about, and besides there is not a correct and absolute scale of reference to measure the historical facts, and less the pre-historical ones.

35. Abuse of authority of kings

We cite the case of King David, and even Solomon, and other kings are quite violent with the people, and even Jehovah is a true protector and favoritist of these characters, putting them in a privileged position with respect to other human beings.

36. Genetic discrimination

The Bible lies about Israel not interbreeding with other peoples. In reality, they are not problems of religion, it is a genetic issue, that is why there have been purges among the Jews, and there have been so many genocides in the history of mankind. The Jewish holocaust had a genealogical discrimination base, since Judaism changed the Jewish heritage through the maternal way, when the Bible shows it through the paternal way.

37. Hatred towards Egypt and other peoples

Jehovah hates Egypt and the Canaanites for not having worshipped him, and preferring to worship other gods; those known in his time as Anunnaki or Watchers. He even conspires so that we ignore this history, and so that we do not know what very important tools, such as the pyramids, are for.

38. Disdain for the material, and on the other hand, appreciation for the material

The Bible is materialistic in its philosophy. Jehovah rewards his children and his worshippers with material things, but on the other hand Christ says that the origin of all evils is money. Why didn't they forbid money if they know that it is the origin of all evils? In fact, it is even reasonable that people love money, if even love is bought with money.

39. Mental washing with repetition of sayings

The Bible commands to repeat day and night that there is no god besides Jehovah, or that Christ is eternal life. This is a method of dark psychology and hypnosis to create altered states of consciousness, and obsessive attitudes and systematic mental fixations.

40. False prophecies and misused sayings, such as the virgin

There is a horrible story in the Bible, and it is that this god leaves pregnant the wife of another man, and on top of that he gives the resulting child to be raised by that poor man. To support this fact they rely on Isaiah 7, where it is said that a young woman would be left on a ribbon as a sign. It is a fact jehovítico, the same context of Isaiah 7 indicates that it was about the son of the prophet, not of a messiah come centuries later.

41. Incoherent lineages

The Bible traces the lineage of Christ, and the truth is that not only are there missing links, but there are two different lineages, and they try to reconcile them, which has never been done correctly. It is all a lie and a myth to justify the supposed ancestry of Jesus to David. In fact, if he did not have Joseph as his father, who was the supposed son of David, then Jesus can never be a Messiah for Israel. That is to say, in the sticker of both religious treatises details escape the religious falsifiers, and that ends up being noticed in the long or short run.

42. Sectarian segregation

The fundamentalist people of the Bible end up separated from the conventional world, due to the fact that they themselves teach to separate themselves from the world, but they are people who are evil and who are friends with the world.

43. Threats: the Bible threatens the unbeliever with a terrible punishment, which generates fear and even phobia towards the world.

44. Endless sacrifices

The Bible orders to kill millions of animals in sacrifice, however in another passage it says that Jehovah does not need sacrifices. It is a flagrant contradiction.

45. Profit with fame

This book is presented to society as the ultimate moral treatise, when it is exactly the opposite. The system or matrix swindles us with it.

46. Paranoia and mass hysteria

The supposed ambiguous and exaggeratedly codified prophecies of this book, bring about a collective evil on the people, since they see in each historical fact a supposed prophetic fulfillment, and that creates collective hysteria, and even collective evils.

47. Undisguised lies

The Bible says that Jehovah created the heavens and the earth, and that is false, Jehovah did not create the universe. He was in complicity with others to create this battered and evil system.

48. Dissolution of the ego

The ego is not bad, the bad thing is the use that is given to it. The ego is fundamental to the foundation of human consciousness.

However, the Bible teaches and induces to annul the ego through self-abasement, and the abandonment of credibility in human works.

49. False monotheism, and latria

The only true god that is worshipped is an invention of Jehovah and Christ. The most Advanced Beings of the universe and the multiverse are not only more powerful than they are, but they do not worship. A being that worships is a megalomaniac and psychopathic being, with serious problems of self-esteem.

50. Martyrdom

This is an aberrant practice to which the witnesses of the God Jehovah and Christ are subjected. Martyrdom is a clear absence of divine protection, and only shows the irrational fanaticism of people deprived of the truth, who submitted to all kinds of mistreatment and death in exchange for nothing. A true God takes care of his people, not delivers them to martyrdom.

51. False free will

The Bible says that man can choose to sin or not, but the Bible itself says in other sections that Jehovah puts in the hearts to do good or evil as he pleases. It also says that he is lord and master of doing so as he pleases, and this is not only contradictory, but sinful, for a being who makes people sin and then condemns them, is an aberrant and sinister being, who plays with people.

In fact, animals devour each other, and have no options, which makes the creation more serious, because since there are no alternatives, the suffering is preprogrammed and inevitable.

© Leonardo Betetto

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