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The Venerable Master ELUGAH has been for millions of years the Ruler of our Local Galaxy, so of the four Masters of Light, he is our Guide and our Ruling Protector. He is the true and effective primordial ruler of the Sector of Taurus and Libra; therefore, to build both the beauty and grandeur of the material and the uplifting of the social, peace and love, is his natural function in the galaxy.

So well, in this he is outstanding, in addition he has assumed with strength and integrity the regency of an entire galaxy, which has been the whereabouts of undesirable beings, and carries its administration efficiently, and with the course it should have. That is, we come from the light, therefore we go towards the light. There will be no darkness that can oppose it.

On Earth he has been maligned as Venus or Aphrodite, and also as Christ. The Master ELUGAH has no sex, and has nothing to do with Venus or Aphrodite or Christ.

The Master, by original cosmic right, is the guardian of the galactic arm of ELUGAH, exactly where we are, on Earth, and of all Orion. The time for abominable beings and usurpers of this Earth to come to an end is near, and ELUGAH assumes with courage and intelligence this transition stage, among many things, to warn the beloved inhabitants of this world all that they are worthy of knowing, and that the ruling occult elites do not tell the people, to satisfy their own selfish interests.

Our Attitude

We are not gods or tyrants, we are teachers who sit down to eat and form rows with the people. Gods are inventions of some beings who wish to be worshipped, for they have left the general universal order, and have corrupted their attitude towards others.

Our Situation

Of the ten galactic masters, there are five of us who remain in the struggle for cosmic order, the other half of the galaxy is corrupt and misguided both in life forms and in the attitude of its rulers. There are evil draconians, insects, and aberrant humans.

Our Objective

We will fight to the end of our strength, and even more, to reinstall the lost cosmic order in the galaxy, and we count on the help of the universe, which is programmed from the beginning for the light, but it takes time and struggle to reinstate it. Our hope is great and firm in the light.

© Leonardo Betetto

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